5 Fun Spring Races for New Runners

5 Spring Races for New Runners

As a new runner, you're excited to test out road racing but not sure where to start. Here are a few early season races that offer an exceptional first-timer experience.

Share This Carlsbad

Carlsbad 5000

Carlsbad, California; April 11

The Carlsbad 5000 is the "World's Fastest 5K" on a flat, scenic course in Southern California. Take in the ocean views as you cruise your way through 3.1 miles.

Revlon Run for Women

Challenge Obesity 5K

St. Paul, Minnesota; April 17

This flat race is full of healthy, happy runners who have reached their fitness goals. Come celebrate your active life with your fellow athletes.
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SMercedes Corporate Run

Miles for Melanoma

Augusta, Georgia; April 24

Lace up your running shoes and help raise money for a worthy cause. Supporting others while you run offers the extra motivation to make it through the miles. Read More ?

Run to Feed the Hungry

Fredericksburg Wildflower 5K and 10K

Fredericksburg, Texas; April 24

What better way to ring in spring than to enjoy the blooming wildflowers along this scenic course through historic Fredericksburg.

St. Luke's Women's Fitness

Eugene 5K

Eugene, Oregon; May 2

Part of the Eugene Marathon and Half Marathon, this 5K event is perfect for new runners. Watch the marathoners cross the finish line and you'll be inspired for your next race. Read More ?

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