5 Reasons You Should Try Intuitive Running

From the rise of intuitive eating to the practice of intuitive exercise, more and more people are tuning into their body's internal signals to make healthful decisions—and runners are no exception.

Intuitive running, sometimes considered an offshoot of mindful running, means letting go of all outside signals (think fitness trackers, coaches, training plans, pace goals) to dictate your running and simply running in whatever way feels good. Do you feel like running two miles today or 10? Does your usual 8:30-pace feel about right or are you in the mood to go slower?

If you've never tried intuitive running, you may assume that when left to your own devices, you would never make it over a couple of miles and you would definitely never push yourself to run fast. But you would be surprised what the body craves. Intuitive running is not about slacking off; it's about tuning into your body's signals so you know when to take it easy and when to push hard—but both can happen in an intuitive runner's training.

Here are five reasons to experiment with intuitive running the next time you lace up.

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