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Try the Run Cadence Challenge

We're taking the next month to specifically address your cadence as a means to improve your run form, efficiency and even speed. Up for the challenge?

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What Not to Eat Before a Run

Avoid GI distress, acid reflux and dehydration by making sure these types of foods are not on your prerun plate.

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Balance Exercises for Runners

When you have good balance, you are less likely to be injured and much more likely to keep your balance under uneven surfaces.

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Common Causes of Running Injuries

There are many things we can add to our daily and weekly routine that make all the difference between staying injuryfree and a frustrating season.

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Most Common Running Injuries to Avoid

In this video TRE dives into the most common running injuries to avoid, including a look at IT band syndrome, plantar fasciitis and more.


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Couch to 5K®

Couch to 5K®

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