4 New Earbuds to Kick-Start Indoor Training

The days are shorter and the temperature is dropping for most of the country. For triathletes, this means that trainers and treadmills become regular training tools once again. A good playlist can make dreary sessions come alive. So why not spoil yourself with new earbuds so you don't miss a beat? Below are the latest offerings on the market, all designed to withstand active, athletic use.

Helix Odyssey by Wicked Audio - $19.99


If you don't want to break the bank, Wicked Audio's Helix Odyssey earbuds belong on your gear list. These extremely lightweight earbuds have a good fit, wrap snugly behind your ears (great for someone with a large ear canal who has trouble running with standard designs) and have good audio quality. It's wired, however, and doesn't have separate volume control while playing music, which can make it hard to adjust on the fly. The Helix Odyssey is best for someone who wants a cheap pair of quality earbuds that doesn't care about the latest fancy gadgets.

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Moderna MS 200 Phiaton - $80 to $149.99


Phiaton's Moderna MS 200 delivers stunning sound in a unique design. In fact, the sound quality rivals many medium to higher end headphones. The bass feels rich and the higher tones ring out. It's a wired unit but comes with a generous length of cord, about four inches longer than the standard Apple earbud. The wire also includes a discrete volume and play control button for easy access during exercise. The generous selection of earpieces included in the package is a nice touch, and should give you enough options to fit most ear canal sizes. Though the retail price is $150, a quick search on the Internet will probably yield a much lower price.

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