Mizuno Wave Enigma Review

When it comes to running shoes, choosing the right pair can be overwhelming. There are thousands of options. So the question is; what's right for you? You need to find a pair that works for you and provides the right support. Everyone runs differently, yet everyone has one commonality: you run mile after mile gaining strength and perfecting your stride.  And in order to build your performance you need to find a shoe that fits.

You may want to check out Mizuno's latest shoe, The Wave Enigma. This running shoe is more than just style, but Mizuno has definitely stepped up its look. This chic-looking shoe offers reflective on each side, colors that stand out and tons of comfort.

I immediately set out with my new stylish shoes to notice that my feet felt snug, secure and light. My stride felt smooth and easy. I didn't feel like I was struggling to put one foot in front of the other. At one point, I felt light as a feather. As much as I enjoyed the ease of my run, I needed to make sure my joints were supported. I have knee issues, so I look for a shoe that will protect my knees. I felt an instant rebound every time my foot hit the pavement. There was a slight bounce, but not too much bounce to make me feel like I wasn't running.

The shoe's rebound comes from its Dynamotion Fit? technology, which allows your foot to move seamlessly during your runs; eliminating stress and bunching for a more enjoyable run. This explains why I was able to push forward and feel light as a feather.

Besides this shoe being very sleek and supportive, I really liked how easy my feet could breath. The mesh lining allows for the heat to exit, reducing any moisture or swelling. No moisture or swelling means no blisters.

The combination of technology in this shoe makes your feet feel snug, but not too tight that your foot can't breathe. The sides are plush and supportive, which can enhance your runs. Not only are your feet secure, but your stride feels nice and smooth. According to Mizuno, The SmoothRide Engineering? minimizes acceleration and deceleration of foot during transition, which creates the smoothest ride possible. The motto for this shoe is "soft in all the right places."

On Mizuno's website, it says the Wave Enigma offers ultimate protection for normal pronation. So if you overpronate  or underpronate, this shoe might not be for you. You will need a more supportive shoe to correct your pronation.

This shoe is one hot item and is actually a pretty good running shoe. Whether you're a casual runner or training for your next race, the Wave Enigma is one shoe to pick up and throw in your gym bag.

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Fara Rosenzweig is an online editor for Active.com.

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