15 Marathon Tips From the Twitter Universe

In the Internet age, finding tips and advice from running experts is easy. Articles, videos and training plans are all over the Internet.

Advice even comes 140 characters at a time, on Twitter.

Twitter has proven to be the ultimate tool at connecting you to the people who interest you. If you're an endurance athlete, that can include professional runners, running coaches and more. They provide insight into their life and their training—and sometimes give tips and advice for you to soak up.

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We scoured the Twitter universe in search of marathon training and racing tips straight from the experts. Here are a few examples from names you may recognize:

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15 Marathon Tips From the Twitter Universe

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The body stores 2,000 calories glycogen in muscles, enough for maybe 20 miles running. Refueling en route is necessary for more than that.Hal Higdon #NYCM #TrainingTip: You can lose more than you'll gain in the next 10 days. When in doubt, back off. Panic training is rarely productive.Mario Fraioli Don't be afraid to spend a lil' coin on running shoes. That cost is cheaper than the doctor bills from wearing cheap ones. #runitfast #runJoshua Holmes #Running tip: Live or run in the City? Air pollution less in the mornings than in the afternoons. Plan accordingly. #fbMarathon Run Running 13.1 & 26.2 advice: Don't do anything new on race day. Run an even pace. When you feel good, don't pick it up. (& have fun!) #WeekendWorkoutJosh Cox Here is what my day looks like when I am training for the marathon.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J5zYE991XG0 http://fb.me/24XXNzZLOmeb keflezighi I pack extra safety pins in case there are not enough in the race packet. Good for puncturing blisters after the race, though a bit icky.Hal Higdon "The key to running a good marathon is to not listen to anyone's advice the last week before the race?Ryan Maxwell The voice in your head that says that you can't do this is a liar!Real Runners Marathon Race Tactic #1 Even pace or Negative splits always work best. If you run how you feel early, you will not like how you feel latehansonsrun #RacingTip: Shorten your stride & maintain EFFORT when going uphill. Take 10 strides once you crest to regulate breathing & refind rhythm.Mario Fraioli Tip from Matt Fitzgerald: do some form of strength training to complement running.Even 2 20-minute sessions per week will make a difference.PEAR Sports Taking a day off running. Train hard, recover smarter. Very important, especially early in a training segment.Tyler McCandless Another good long workout under my belt. Discovered that I like dissolving @GUEnergyLabs gels in my water - makes it easier & tastier too!Janet CherobonBawcom Nice recovery run @ Airport loop. By the way my easy recovery run is 10mi...it is different for everyone. Make sure you listen to the body!meb keflezighi

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Ryan Wood

Ryan Wood is an editor for Active.com. He enjoys a good ride and loves participating in endurance events throughout the year. Follow him on Google+.
Ryan Wood is an editor for Active.com. He enjoys a good ride and loves participating in endurance events throughout the year. Follow him on Google+.

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