5 20-Minute Workout and Recovery Strategies for Runners

There will be days when life doesn't go according to plan. Instead of letting those days derail your running, claim a small chunk of time for yourself by trying one of these 20-minute sanity savers.

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Break Up Your Run

Overloaded with chores? Go for a 20-minute run, spend 30 to 90 minutes doing dishes or laundry, then head out for another 20 minutes.

Do up to three runs.

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Up the Effort

Hill repeats and speed drills are quick stamina builders.

Warm up for five minutes and repeat one of these segments for 15 minutes: Ascend a hill that's 200 meters long, jog down; or run 400 meters at 5K race pace, jog for a minute or two.

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Lace Up Anyway

Even if you're short on time, hitting the road for a 20-minute run is better than nothing. A quick run keeps your muscles accustomed to the act of running, and after just 5 to 10 minutes, you start tapping into stored fat.

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Recover in a Cold Tub

Sitting in an ice bath for 10 to 20 minutes after a hard workout helps reduce inflammation. Meanwhile, sip a sports drink that contains carbs and protein.

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Take a Nap

Research shows that short naps decrease fatigue and improve alertness and cognitive performance.

You need only 10 minutes of shut-eye to reap the benefits. In fact, sleeping for 10 minutes is superior to taking a 20- or 30-minute snooze because you're less likely to be groggy or confused upon waking.

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