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Future Review

If you've ever looked at one of the Avengers and thought: I could look like that if I had access to a personal trainer, get ready to assemble. Thanks to the Future fitness app, you no longer have to have a superstar's budget to get a superhero's specially designed workout plan.

Future brings personalized training plans straight to your iPhone and Apple Watch (unfortunately, it is only compatible with the iOS platform, but more on that later). Using professional trainers who tailor workouts based on the equipment you have, your abilities, and your time schedule, Future seamlessly integrates fitness into your routine and schedule. In this Future app review, we will break down everything you need to know to decide if this app is in your future.

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A Quick Look at the Future App



  • Platforms: iOS
  • Price: $149 per month
  • Workout types: HIIT, endurance, strength, gymnastics, etc.


With the Future app, personal coaches provide specific exercise plans for you based on a questionnaire that addresses what kind of workouts you enjoy, as well as your goals, equipment on hand, and your schedule. In addition to your specific training, the Future app also has additional workouts that can be added to your routine, and fun, invigorating playlists that will help keep you energized during your sweat sessions.

Future was launched with the intent of making the expensive business of personal training more affordable and accessible. Although the $149 monthly isn't necessarily cheap, it is considerably less than tailored in-person training. Additionally, the easy to use app allows you to easily stay in contact with your trainer by allowing them to monitor your heart rate and the number of calories that you are burning during the workout.

What We Like

  • Tailored plans designed by professional trainers
  • Option to record yourself for form checks
  • Trainers will accommodate travel schedules
  • Work out anytime
  • Easy-to-use app

What We Don't Like

  • Only compatible with iOS
  • Must use Apple Watch
  • Monthly cost is still pricey

BUY: Future

What Is the Future App?

Future is an app that was developed in 2017 that helps bring personalized training to the masses. Professional coaches develop plans tailored to your individual needs and goals.

How to Sign Up for Future

To get started, you can either download Future from Apple's app store or go to their website and select "Get Started." After entering your phone number, you will be prompted to find your coach. From there you'll be given a quick questionnaire where you'll give some basic personal information and workout habits. This is also where you will let them know if you have an Apple Watch or not. Future believes that you'll be more accountable if you're wearing a watch, and if you don't have one you can lease one from them (or buy it outright).

Once you're finished, Future will recommend a few coaches. If you decide none of their suggestions are right for you, you can choose from a whole slew of others until you find one who is compatible. After your coach is selected, they will schedule a FaceTime call with you.

Confession: This is the part that gave me pause. FaceTiming a stranger is not something that excites me. However, if you're not someone who sits behind a screen all day, this is probably not a big deal. And connecting with a human, even virtually, adds to the accountability and overall connection.

How Does the Future App Work?

Your coach will design a workout for you and they will check in with you via FaceTime once a month to see how you're enjoying your plan and if it needs any tweaks. When you're ready to begin your planned workout for the day, you'll simply launch the app, click "view workout," and "start."

Your workout will begin with a brief overview of the exercises that will be done, the type of stimulus you should expect, and the type of equipment that you'll need (your trainer will know the kind of equipment you have by this point). Also, don't worry about not knowing what a movement is because there is a demonstration of how the movement should be performed. If you're not confident that you're performing a movement correctly, there is an option for you to record it and send it to your coach for feedback.

Upon completion of your workout, you'll be asked to rate it. This will allow your trainer to further evaluate and tweak your programming even more if necessary.

The coaches are trained and it is great that you can specify the type of personality you prefer, such as "has a sense of humor" or "drill sergeant." I like this because I wouldn't continue with a program that wasn't infused with some humor.

Although I am an Apple user, I do wish that this personal training app was offered on other platforms. However, I like that they will lease you a watch if you don't have one as the watches do make this app easier to integrate into your life.

Who Should Try the Future App?

The Future app is great for:

  • iPhone and Apple Watch enthusiasts
  • Those who want the guesswork taken out of their workouts
  • Athletes who want to take their training to the next level
  • People who desire to be held accountable or need motivation
  • Frequent travelers
  • Those with irregular work schedules
  • Individuals interested in personal training, but who don't want to spend the money usually associated with that type of service

What to Consider Before Trying Future

Considering that the Future app is only compatible with the iOS platform, you will want to make sure that you are comfortable with and committed to Apple products, including the Apple Watch. If you don't own an Apple Watch, Future has a plan where you can lease or buy one from them. Although the virtual personal training provided on this app is considerably cheaper than live personal training, it still comes with a stout price tag of $149 per month.

The workouts will be tailored to you and you will be able to provide feedback afterwards, but you will be held accountable. Therefore, you will want to make sure that you are committed to reaching your goals before shelling out that kind of cash.

Our Verdict

The Future app is an excellent way to bring the accountability and customization of personal training straight to your phone. It is considerably less expensive than a personal trainer, but that doesn't mean it can be categorized as cheap. Additionally, we wish that there was a more structured nutritional component. However, the services provided and the professionalism of the coaches, coupled with your ability to work out on your schedule, make this app well worth the price. It would be great if it would be expanded to other platforms, but for Apple users, Future can help you reach your fitness goals.

BUY: Future

FAQs About Future

How much does the Future app cost?

Future is $149 per month (at the time of publication, the first two months are free).

Does the Future app help with nutrition?

Although there isn't a specific nutrition component to the app, the Future coaches discuss diet with their clients.

Is Future fitness good?

Future is an excellent way to get personal training on your schedule for a great price.

Who owns the Future app?

Future was co-founded by Rishi Mandal who now serves as CEO.

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Sosha is a staff writer for ACTIVE.com and a CrossFit enthusiast. Her work’s been featured in The Washington Post, Huffington Post, MUTHA Magazine, Charlotte Magazine, and The Charlotte Observer. Her weekly column, Soshally Awkward, is featured on the nationally-syndicated radio show, Bob & Sheri.

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