The Best Weight Loss Apps to Help You Meet Your Goals in 2023

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Ever since the dawn of the iPhone, the idea of the personal fitness app has existed. Apps are available to help you track your daily eating habits, guide your fitness journey, inspire your daily workouts, and help hold you accountable for healthy lifestyle changes.

Specifically, many downable fitness apps on the market today claim that they will help you lose weight. The question is, which of these weight loss apps are worth your time and your investment? The ACTIVE Reviews Team researched several of the top-rated weight loss apps available for download and organized a curated list of the best weight loss apps. 

Best Weight Loss Apps - Our Top Picks 

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    Best Overall Weight Loss App – Noom



    • Personalization: 10-min. quiz offers a personalized experience
    • Goals: Set goals for weight loss, personal fitness, and more
    • Metrics: Weight, calories
    • Device integration: AppleWatch
    • Activity summaries: Summaries of weight, calorie intake, "good choices"
    • Videos/Tutorials: Yes
    • Community: Accountability and support from certified coaches
    Start Your Noom Free TrialFor starters, it's important to note that Noom is a lot more than just a weight loss app. It's intended as a full-on lifestyle change, one in which you choose your weight loss goals and work with a coach to help motivate you meet those goals. While Noom can provide you with metrics regarding your caloric intake and total pounds lost, its overarching purpose is to encourage you to make better choices about the food you eat.

    Noom does this by helping you rethink and rewire your psychological commitment to food rather than a hyper-specific diet plan or calorie counting. Because of this, Noom represents a major investment and a level of commitment, but if you're ready to make a real change, with guidance from qualified professionals, it should help do the trick.


    • Psychology-based approach
    • Promotes lasting lifestyle change
    • Accountability and support from qualified coaches
    • You don't have to adhere to a specific list of approved foods
    • Great for anyone seeking to make a big change


    • Huge commitment
    • Some people will prefer the clarity of an approved food list or a more specific diet plan


    Best Runner-Up Weight Loss App – Future



    • Personalization: Custom training plans each week
    • Goals: Discuss specific goals with your coach
    • Metrics: N/A
    • Device integration: AppleWatch
    • Activity summaries: Detailed biometrics
    • Videos/Tutorials: Yes
    • Community: 1-on-1 connection with your coach
    Get FUTURE Free for 30-daysThe Future app is remarkable because it facilitates one-on-one connection with an actual personal trainer. Here's how it works: When you first log into the app, you'll answer a few questions about your goals, the type of program you want, and the type of personality you want from your trainer. Based on this information, you'll get to pick from a list of coaches, interview them via a video call, and ultimately sign on to get personalized workouts every week. (You can change coaches any time, too.)

    The app provides vital biometric data, and your coach will be in constant contact with you to help ensure you're hitting those fitness goals. But keep in mind that the Future app is a workout-focused means of weight loss, so nutrition, weight-loss supplementation, and eating habits will still be on the user to manage.


    • 1-on-1 relationship with an actual coach
    • Constant communication with your coach
    • New, personalized workout plans each week
    • Change coaches any time
    • Biometric reports provided
    • Integrates with AppleWatch


    • Not recommended for those who want something more diet- or nutrition-focused
    • Big commitment required


    Best Weight Loss App for Community – WeightWatchers App

    weight watchers app


    • Personalization: Set personal fitness and weight loss goals
    • Goals: Individual weight loss goals
    • Metrics: Track food, activity, water, and sleep
    • Device integration: N/A
    • Activity summaries: Nutrition and weight loss trajectories
    • Videos/Tutorials: Coaching/breathing tutorials
    • Community: WW Connect

    Sign Up Today for 3-Months FreeWeightWatchers is a name that has become synonymous with helping to aid in weight loss, and this company's app represents a fresh spin on a familiar program. It also happens to be an excellent, simple option for anyone who needs to record their nutritional habits while living their busy lives.

    The WW app is not exceptionally flashy, but it does offer an easy-to-use interface and plenty of valuable activity tracking metrics. The WW Connect social feature is especially nice for those who need a reminder that they are not alone on their weight loss journey. 


    • Easy-to-use interface
    • Log meals, exercise, and sleep
    • Connect with other WW app users with the social feature


    • Only recommended if you're already doing WeightWatchers
    • Not recommended if you want something more exercise or fitness-focused

    WeightWatchers: GET 3-MONTHS FREE 

    Best Free Weight Loss App – Cronometer App


    Cronometer app


    • Personalization: Set your target goals
    • Goals: Weight, macro, and nutrient goals
    • Metrics: Weight, up to 62 micronutrients
    • Device integration: Many, including FitBit and Garmin watches
    • Activity summaries: Nutrients and biometrics, as tracked over time
    • Videos/Tutorials: No
    • Community: No
    Start Today For FreeConsidering it is a free download, the Cronometer app offers many useful features for those looking to lose weight. When you download it, you'll be able to set your weight loss goals first, then count calories, log meals, and track your progress over time. The Cronometer team evaluates the food you enter to ensure the correct nutrition information, meaning you are working with accurate data.

    Additionally, the app enables you to log your meals, track your regular exercise, and monitor your nutrients. You can also use this app with Keto, vegan, or other diets. And you can view valuable charts that provide information about how your nutrient intake and biometrics correlate over time.


    • Valuable reports and charts
    • Accurate nutritional info
    • Works with several different diets
    • Logs meals and exercise
    • Keep tabs on dozens of important micronutrients
    • Great for taking a data-driven approach to lifestyle change


    • Not recommended for those who prefer something more social or community-focused
    • No AppleWatch integration


    Best Weight Loss App for At-Home Cooks – Fooducate



    • Personalization: Set personal fitness and weight loss goals
    • Goals: Individual weight loss goals
    • Metrics: Calories, nutrients
    • Device integration: N/A
    • Activity summaries: Calories, "food points"
    • Videos/Tutorials: Recipes
    • Community: Built-in social 

    Start Your Noom Free TrialDo you love cooking at home, and are you interested in developing a broader repertoire of go-to healthy recipes at your disposal? If that sounds like you, check out Fooducate. This app can help empower you to make smarter decisions about the meals you make at home and help you to become more mindful of nutrients that you put into your body.

    Get recipes and diet tips from a robust community of like-minded folks looking to live a healthier life, one meal at a time. Also, use the app metrics to track your activities and keep up with your personal nutrition goals.


    • Easy-to-use interface
    • Log meals and food consumption
    • Get recipes and fitness tips
    • Connect with other users as you learn more about eating healthy


    • Limited in its activity-tracking abilities
    • Not recommended if you want something more exercise/fitness-focused 


    Best Food Tracking Weight Loss App - Lose It!



    • Personalization: Set your target goals
    • Goals: Individual weight loss goals
    • Metrics: Lots of nutrient targets plus water, body fat, and more
    • Device integration: N/A
    • Activity summaries: Calories and meal tracking
    • Videos/Tutorials: No
    • Community: Built-in social functions 

    Start Your Noom Free TrialLooking for a weight loss app that allows you to track your meals, caloric intake, hydration, body fat, and other core metrics? Consider Lose It! This is one of the OGs of the weight loss app space, and it's not hard to understand what makes it so popular.

    Lose It! has an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that utilizes a wealth of data to help you monitor your progress and work towards your fitness and weight loss goals. It's also something that's easy to incorporate with other fitness or diet plans if you so choose. Note that a subscription does exist, but even the basic/free option offers some worthwhile features.


    • Easy-to-use interface
    • Log meals and exercise
    • Tons of great data, including body fat, water intake, and more
    • Options to keep up with sleep and other health metrics, too


    • Not recommended if you're looking for a more specific fitness/workout plan
    • The basic option may not meet your needs; in which case you'll need to upgrade to the full subscription option 


    Best Alternative Pick – MetPro



    • Personalization: Plan is unique to your metabolic profile and adapts over time
    • Goals: Weight, macro, and nutrient goals
    • Metrics: Weight, macros
    • Workouts: Yes
    • Community: Nutrition coaching support

    Start Your Noom Free TrialMetPro tackles all the elements of weight loss from an easy-to-use app. Backed by science, MetPro uses metabolic behavior to create a weight-loss strategy that is unique to each individual user. The app offers meal tracking, workouts, and nutrition coaching support.

    You’ll be able to see your metabolic rating over time as the program analyzes your metabolic rate and adjusts your nutrition and training accordingly. This program is unique in the way that it helps you adjust your lifestyle and tailors to your individual needs for a sustainable experience.


    • Nutrition coaching support via text
    • Data-driven with tons of metabolic information
    • Tailored to your specific needs
    • Plan evolves as you use it
    • Log food and track macros
    • Access hundreds of workouts


    • Not recommended for those who prefer something more social or community-focused
    • Requires high level of commitment


    What to Consider When Choosing a Weight Loss App?

    It's important to remember that not all weight loss apps balance the scale. Before you download and set up a profile, perform some due diligence. Here are some factors to consider as you look for the best weight loss apps.

    • Personalization. Many of the best available apps will have you input your specified health information in addition to your goals. This step ensures that the weight loss tips you will be receiving align with your fitness objectives.
    • Social functions. There are people who love being able to share their fitness journey with friends, finding that this provides some built-in accountability. Others would prefer a more personal or private approach. Keep this in mind as you shop around for apps.
    • Type of App. Some weight loss apps feature daily workout options; others allow you to record meals and monitor your caloric intake. There's not necessarily an incorrect approach, but you should pick something you'll be able to stick with and something you'll ultimately find helpful.

    Why You Should Buy/Download Weight Loss Apps

    Weight loss apps can be helpful to you in several ways. For one, by recording your daily food intake and exercise habits, you can gain clarity about your patterns and better assess the areas where you need to make better decisions. Many apps allow you to connect with coaches or other users, which can help encourage personal accountability. And by using apps that include recipes or specific cardio workouts, you can educate yourself about how best to lose weight and improve your fitness level.

    Weight Loss Apps FAQs

    What is the number one weight loss app?

    Everyone has their own fitness goals, and everyone wants something different from their weight loss app. The weight loss app that works well for one person may not work as well for your needs. We recommend reading up on a few of the different available options, beginning with this roundup.

    Do weight loss apps really work?

    Weight loss apps can potentially work, but the success of your app will depend on a few different aspects. For one, commitment to the app is a must. Being honest in your activity log is also very important. Look for an app aligned with your specific weight loss goals and set reasonable objectives for yourself.

    Do fitness apps help with weight loss?

    The best way to lose weight is the tried-and-true combination of a nutritious diet and regular exercise. If your fitness app motivates you to eat better and exercise more frequently, it is likelier to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

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