The Best Workout Apps for Beginners: Transform In No Time On Your Own Time

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When starting your fitness journey, you want a routine that keeps you accountable and active. Utilizing one of the best workout apps for beginners is a great way to set yourself up for success. Many websites, companies, and influencers advertise fitness apps, but not all will be high quality or best for long-term results. Some apps share a list of followable workouts, whereas others might provide a complete personal training experience. The best workout apps can accommodate little to no workout equipment, limited space, and even limited time if need be. Accessibility is also important—when you are beginning to build your training routine, you want easy access to your favorite fitness app.

The Best Workout Apps for Beginners - Our Top Picks

  • Best Overall Workout App for Beginners: Future
  • Best At-Home Workout App for Beginners: MyFitnessPal
  • Best Free Workout App for Beginners: 7-Minute Workout
  • Best Gym Workout App for Beginners: Train Fitness
  • Best Weight-Loss Workout App for Beginners: FiiT
  • Best Dance Workout App for Beginners: STEEZY
  • Best Workout App for Beginners with Live Classes: Obe Fitness

People have different preferences for the types of workouts they enjoy; and how they are delivered in terms of the app experience, so having options is ideal. We are here to help you look at some of the top workout apps for beginners based on our personal experience and research so that whether you want an online personal trainer like Future (our best overall), enjoy lifting weights on your own, dance-based cardio, or are on a budget; you can find something on our list that works for you and your fitness goals.

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Best Overall Workout App for Beginners - Future



  • Platform: Mobile app
  • Cost structure: Per workout or a monthly unlimited plan

50% OFF FUTUREI—Ali Nolan—have personal experience with the Future app and chose it because I needed a more personalized workout plan. I was dealing with a calf strain, just getting back to strength training, and wanted something I could do on my own time without the cost or scheduling hassles that come with an IRL personal trainer.

Once I signed up for Future, the app prompted me to take a quiz to narrow down what I wanted in a trainer and fitness regimen. Here I could plug in my needs: a coach with knowledge of my injury and the sport I needed to build muscle for, tennis. I was then matched with five different trainers based on personality and experience, ultimately choosing David based on his tennis background and temperament (he’s very chill and positive). During our introductory Facetime call, David asked simple questions about my goals, access to workout equipment, and previous fitness experience. I told him I wanted to focus on core stability, healing my calf, agility, and gaining strength. From there, he designed a specialized program of three 40-minute sessions per week.

I performed the workouts and recorded the number of reps and the amount of weight used in the app as I went. This feature allowed my trainer to track my progress and know if he should adjust the intensity based on my performance and notes.

"Each morning, David messaged me to check in and set the expectations for the day—so if you’re looking for accountability, this is the app for you."

I could also message David anytime to let him know how the training was going. And when I needed to adjust a move because of an actual problem, for example, V-ups hurt my back; he substituted it to ensure I could train without pain.

50% OFF FUTURELike most fitness apps, there are audio and visual instructions that help you know how to perform the exercise, which is crucial for beginners to avoid potential injury. In the Future app, you can record yourself doing the exercise to send to your trainer, who will provide feedback within 24 hours. That said, if you need these cues in real-time, it might be best to have a personal trainer standing next to you while you work out. Also, if you have an Apple Watch and iPhone, you can get biometric data given to you in real time. I didn’t have an Apple Watch, so the best I could do was record my workouts with my Garmin and have them uploaded from Garmin Connect into the Future app after the fact. While this wasn’t a dealbreaker for me, it would be a real upgrade if Future diversified its smartwatch capabilities.

I had a great experience with Future, and I think it’s the best overall workout app for beginners or active people at any level. It’s an excellent experience for anyone who may need that extra push or a bit of monitoring to get their fitness game on track. You get to work with a human who can adjust the routine, cheer you on, and offer solutions to help you reach your goals.

What We Like

  • Workout plans made just for you
  • Adjustments to workouts are made as needed
  • Trainers are knowledgeable and offer a lot of positive accountability
  • Can be streamed on TV and has music in the app
  • Options for bodyweight-only exercises are available
  • Available on iOS and Android

What We Don't Like

  • Higher price point
  • Biometric data in real-time is only available if you have an Apple Watch

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Best At-Home Workout App for Beginners - MyFitnessPal



  • Platform: Mobile App
  • Cost structure: Monthly or Annual

If you have ever even looked briefly into fitness apps, then you are probably familiar with MyFitnessPal. MyFitnessPal is primarily thought of as an app that is meant for tracking food rather than workouts. While it is a great app for tracking food, it is also one of the best at-home workout apps for beginners. With the premium subscription, you have access to 150 workout routines that can easily be completed from the comfort of your own home. These workouts vary in difficulty and length, and you can easily pick and choose which ones are a good fit for you. If you are already using MyFitnessPal to track your food intake, then upgrading to the premium subscription is a great option so that you have all your tools for transforming your lifestyle in one place.

If you have a fitness watch, you can easily track the workouts that you complete and set them up to sync with your MyFitnessPal account. Doing this will help you to adjust your calorie intake as needed based on the calories that you burn during the in-app workouts. Having multiple apps that you need to access daily can be annoying and this option eliminates that. You can even create your own library of multi-exercise routines, so if you are working with a coach or another fitness plan you can load your workouts into the app for later use. Whether you are looking for stretch and recovery routines, a full-body burn, dumbbell- or kettlebell-only workouts, yoga, or a great HIIT session, this workout app provides you with a variety of at-home workout routine options that you can do any time and with any amount of time.

What We Like

  • Ability to create your own workout library
  • Large variety of routines
  • Self-care exercises available

What We Don't Like

  • Not as many features as other apps
  • No personalization within the programs


Best Free Workout App for Beginners - 7 Minute Workout

7 Minute Workout


  • Platform: Mobile App
  • Cost structure: Free

50% OFF FUTUREMost people want affordability, consistency, and regularity when they are beginning a new routine. As someone who is looking for a workout app for beginners, you might be searching for an option that does not require an extended amount of time and that is free in case you want to explore multiple options without wasting your money. The Johnson & Johnson 7 Minute Workout app is free and has over 3 million downloads, so you know people are enjoying it! This app is easily accessible on your mobile device so you can get in a fast workout anywhere, anytime. All the routines are science-based and meant to help you get fit even if your time is limited.

The level of guidance you are given on keeping proper form helps you to feel motivated and stay dedicated, just like you would if you had a personal trainer by your side. If you have an Apple Watch, you will even be able to access the workouts there. Only 7 minutes may seem like a short amount of time, but don't be fooled; you will have access to 72 exercises, plus 22 other workouts that are able to be customized or modified to meet your needs. This leaves the possibility for creating over 1,000 exercise variations. You also have the option of doing workouts up to 32 minutes long. The smart workout system that this app utilizes is even able to gauge your fitness and how motivated you are so that you can be given recommendations for different workouts as your fitness level increases. You will find your workouts getting more intense over time, which will help your body to continue to adapt and become even more strong and fit. You even have access to logging and sharing workouts so your friends can see how you are progressing, and they can join you, too!

What We Like

  • Music and audio guided
  • Workouts range from 7-32 min.
  • Video tutorials for the movements
  • You can share workouts via Facebook and Twitter

What We Don't Like

  • Less compatible with Android devices
  • Lacks variety in workout types

Best Gym Workout App for Beginners - Train Fitness

Train Fitness


  • Platform: Mobile App - Apple only
  • Cost structure: Monthly or Annual, free options available

50% OFF FUTUREIf you have an Apple Watch (series 4+) and are in search of a workout app, Train Fitness is a great option. This app is meant to pair with your Apple Watch and has great features like auto-tracking of your workout and even rep counting. Once you finish your workout it will be logged into the app and available to share on your favorite social media platforms. The Train Fitness workout app uses a hands-free approach and allows you to follow a workout within the app while your watch tracks the workout and helps you keep count of your reps. Auto pause will help you to take and track your rests and then get right back into it. You will be able to focus on the moves of the workout rather than the tedious things like counting and timing, which will allow your workout to be more effective and allow you to waste less time.

This workout app even allows for performance monitoring. Simply track and log your workouts using your watch and the app will use the information to tell you how you are doing by determining your weak points. With the ability to track over 82 exercises, no part of your body will be left unused. The platform itself has workouts that will help you to meet your goals no matter what they are. If you want to gain strength and build muscle, this app is a great fit for you. It is also a great fit if you are looking to lose weight, lean out, or simply have somewhere to track and store workouts. Everything workout related can be found in one place.

What We Like

  • Auto-tracking with Apple Watch
  • Rep counting
  • Variety of exercises available

What We Don't Like

  • Apple Watch compatible only
  • Limited variety of workout types available 

Best Weight-Loss Workout App for Beginners - FiiT



  • Platform: Available on all major mobile and TV app stores, and via your browser
  • Cost structure: Unlimited yearly, unlimited monthly, and limited monthly

The FiiT workout app is an app that brings functional fitness routines to wherever you are. This app has many workouts available, including HITT, strength, and circuits. But even better, this app wants to make sure that your recovery routine is of the same quality as your workout routine, so they offer mobility, stretching, yoga, and Pilates. With access to over 1,000 workouts and more than 30 training plans, this app has something that will work for everyone and you will never get bored. It's important to stay excited about fitness when you are on a weight-loss journey so that you are motivated to keep working toward your goals each day. Having options that include both cardio and strength-based workouts help you to burn fat and build muscle tone which is the most ideal way to lose weight. If you purchase their full membership, which can be paid monthly or annually, you have access to all their workouts and training plans; Apple and Google Health integration; community challenges and group classes; fitness tracker, treadmill, and bike integration; performance metrics and analysis; game mode; and member perks and events. The game mode allows you to compete in challenges against yourself and others and is a great feature for someone who likes external motivation and rewards and is working to slim down.

FiiT offers new on-demand mat and machine connected workouts and releases new workouts and competition classes on a weekly basis. Watch your body transform and see your progress and how your performance metrics have changed over time in the app. Whether you enjoy working out on an Assault Bike, with dumbbells and kettlebells, or doing bodyweight workouts, you will find a workout perfect for you. The workouts are available in a variety of time chunks. The shortest workouts are 10 minutes and go up to 25 minutes, then 40 minutes, and all the way up to 60 minutes. This allows people with a variety of availability to find something that works for them. The variety of length of workouts will leave you unable to make an excuse for why you can't get it done. You can even invite fellow app-using friends to a group session so you can compete against each other on the leaderboard. This is a great option for groups who are working together to lose weight.

What We Like

  • 14-day free trial
  • Ability to sync with various fitness trackers and workout machines
  • Both bodyweight and equipment using workout available

What We Don't Like

  • No personalization available
  • No option to connect with a trainer 

Best Dance Workout App for Beginners - STEEZY



  • Platform: Mobile app, desktop, or TV via Chromecast
  • Cost structure: Monthly or Annual

50% OFF FUTUREIf you love to dance and want to get your workout on, then the STEEZY workout app was made for you! This app will help you dance your way to your health and fitness goals with over 1,500 online classes and programs. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner at working out or dancing, STEEZY is meant to help you build confidence and gain rhythm so you can move with ease in their harder workouts after taking the "Intro to Dance" class. There are plenty of step-by-step classes for all levels so that you can jump in immediately. There is even a 10-day intro program for people who are brand new to dancing. Once you have the confidence and skills needed, you can head over to the intermediate, and eventually advanced, dance classes to challenge your skills and improve your coordination and fitness.

STEEZY offers a variety of learning tools to help you get to the dance fitness level you desire. You can start with tutorials and learn a variety of dance styles. Move your body in a way that makes you happy—you can even move along with people from over 100 other countries. STEEZY has a great global community of people who are happy to answer questions, share tips, and take on challenges with you. You will easily get in a full-body workout while listening to the hottest songs and being coached by enthusiastic instructions, and you will learn real-life moves that you can easily take to your next night out or wedding dance floor.

What We Like

  • Free 7-day trial
  • Classes for all levels of dancers
  • Advanced online tutorials

What We Don't Like

  • Monthly option is a higher price point
  • No workouts include weights

Best Workout App for Beginners with Live Classes - Obé Fitness

Obe Fitness


  • Platform: Mobile app, web browser, Chromecast, Roku, Fire TV, and Apple TV
  • Cost structure: Monthly or Annual

50% OFF FUTUREIf you are a beginner at working out, then you might be looking for an app that offers live classes so that you have a bit more accountability and motivation to stick to a program. Being able to take part in a live fitness class is a great way to get excited about fitness and build confidence. With thousands of workouts that are meant to get you pumped up about working out, you will be ready for your daily classes and want to keep them coming. There are no leaderboards, so you will not have to compare your progress or fitness to other peoples and can instead focus on your own capabilities and progress.

Obé Fitness offers a variety of fitness classes like sculpt, dance, HIIT, strength, Pilates, and yoga. This will allow you to switch it up as you want and not get bored with the same routine. One of the best things about working out with Obé Fitness is that their instructors are meant to pump you up and keep you entertained so even when your body is burning, your energy and motivation remains high and you will not be tempted to quit when you have a hype team. This platform is meant to help both people new and experienced in the fitness world to fall in love with moving their body daily, whether it is in your living room, at a park, or at the gym. You do not even have to feel obligated to stay the whole time—pop in when you want for however long you want.

As a member you get unlimited access to over 10,000 on-demand classes, so if you can't make a live class from the weekly schedule work, you will not have to go without. While some of the classes include various pieces of workout equipment, there are many that do not, so you will not be limited and can do the classes even when traveling.

What We Like

  • Progress tracking tools included
  • Both live and on-demand classes
  • No equipment needed

What We Don't Like

  • No personalization available
  • No movement tutorials available

What to Look for in Workout Apps for Beginners

When searching for workout apps for beginners it is very helpful to find an app that is free or offers a free trial and has easy cancellation policies. Sometimes it can take some time to decide exactly what type of fitness routine is a good fit for you, so flexibility and variety is important. Free trials are a great way to see if the platform and workouts are a good fit for your lifestyle and goals. There are a few other things that you can consider when deciding which app will ultimately be the best fit for you as you begin your fitness journey.


Most workout apps have a variety of features. You may enjoy being able to track your workouts using technology and like sharing your workouts and progress with others. If those things appeal to you then you will want an app that syncs with a wearable fitness tracking device or your phone and has a share to social media feature. You will also want to consider if you want to have access to live classes as well as on-demand classes, how long of classes you have time for, and whether personalized workouts and/or coaching is something you think is necessary for you to meet your goals.

Equipment Requirements

Many workout apps for beginners do not require any equipment and some have the option to use equipment or body weight. If you do want to incorporate equipment, there are a few key pieces that you might see in workout videos of live streams. Having a set of lightweight dumbbells and kettlebells is a great start. You may also consider a jump rope, resistance bands, a workout step, and a yoga mat. Those few key pieces of fitness equipment should be plenty for workouts that do require some.


The cost of workout apps can vary greatly. Some of the apps are free and others range anywhere from $5 per month to $150 per month. The cost of the platform depends on a variety of things. You typically will pay more if there are live streaming class options, and you will see increased prices for moderately to fully customized workout programs that offer trainer guidance or complete coaching. It is possible to use a workout app when you are on a budget, but there are also options for people who have more financial availability and want something a bit more intense.

FAQs About Workout Apps for Beginners

Is a 10-minute workout enough for beginners?

Yes, a workout does not have to require a lot of time to be effective. You can start with moving your body for short increments of time and work your way up.

How long does it take to see workout results?

Some people will report noticing improvement in their stamina and energy levels within one to two weeks, but physical results often take three weeks or more to recognize.

How many days a week should I work out?

As a beginner, starting with three days a week for 30 minutes would be great. It is very dependent on your current physical state and even one day to start is better than not moving your body at all. If you can move your body for 30 minutes, 5 days a week at the minimum, you are off to a fantastic start.