The Best Apple Watch Deals of 2023: Get the Most for Your Wearable Dollar

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Best Apple Watch Deals

Ever since its launch, the Apple Watch has been the gold standard in wearable technology. For those who already use an iPhone and are generally confined to the Apple ecosystem, an Apple Watch can provide a smooth, immersive experience. And for fitness buffs, an Apple Watch provides a litany of wellness features, including ways to record heart rate, workout progressions, and even your sleep cycle.

What’s more, Apple Watch sales have become pretty commonplace, with many sellers offering opportunities to maximize your tech dollar. But, what are the best Apple Watch deals available right now? That’s what we’re here to investigate. Here are our picks for the best Apple Watch sale opportunities you can shop now.

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The Best Apple Watch Deals - Our Top Picks

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Apple Watch Ultra Deals

Apple Watch Ultra


Do you live your life to the extreme? If so, then you’re the perfect customer for the Apple Watch Ultra, a rugged and adventure-ready wearable that’s designed for those who regularly engage in water sports, endurance competitions, and intensive outdoor treks. It offers all the connectivity you’d expect from an Apple Watch, enhanced by an incredible 36-hour battery life. The titanium case is resistant to corrosion and abrasion, which should offer plenty of peace of mind as you head out for your next unpredictable sojourn. Plus, a number of advanced fitness metrics, including heart rate zones, are especially geared toward endurance athletes.

What We Like

  • 36-hour battery life
  • Durable, rugged titanium case
  • Features specifically for endurance athletes
  • GPS-enhanced compass and map features
  • Bright, highly visible display

What We Don’t Like

  • One of the more expensive Apple Watches, even on sale
  • Not as recommended for more casual athletes or home fitness buffs

BUY: Apple Watch Ultra

Apple Watch Series 8 Deals

Apple Watch Series 8


If you’re simply looking for wearable technology that aids in your wellness journey, the Apple Watch Series 8 may be a top option. It comes with powerful health and fitness tools, from blood oxygen meters to temperature sensors to advanced sleep tracking. It also happens to be crack-resistant, IP6X-certified dust-resistant, and swim proof. Factor in GPS and cellular function and you have a versatile fitness companion that you can take anywhere.

What We Like

  • Robust and diverse fitness tools
  • Crack- and dust-resistant
  • Swim proof
  • Very customizable, with a range of sizes, colors, and materials to choose from

What We Don’t Like

  • Bulkier case than the Series SE
  • Battery life is much lower than the Ultra

BUY: Apple Watch Series 8

Apple Watch SE Deals

Apple Watch SE


The Apple Watch SE was designed to provide a generous portfolio of fitness features at a reasonable price point. It’s certainly value-priced, yet it also boasts a noteworthy performance: It’s water-resistant up to 50 meters. You’ll get the same level of connectivity you’d expect from any Apple Watch, including Apple Pay, texting, and more.

What We Like

  • Value-priced
  • Waterproof
  • Very customizable, with a range of sizes, colors, and materials to choose from

What We Don’t Like

  • Not quite as many fitness features as more advanced models
  • Limited options for sleep tracking
  • Battery life isn’t as robust as the Ultra

BUY: Apple Series SE

Apple Watch Series 7 Deals

Apple Watch Series 7


Though the Series 7 is no longer the most cutting-edge Apple Watch, it’s still a great option if you want to save a few bucks via a previous-gen model. You’ll certainly get plenty of advanced fitness features, including ECG and blood oxygen trackers. Cellular connectivity allows you to text and email, and the entire thing is swim proof, dust-resistant, and crack-resistant. All in all, we think it’s a very impressive watch, especially for bargain-hunters.

What We Like

  • Dust-proof and crack-proof
  • Advanced fitness tools, including ECG
  • Very customizable, with a range of sizes, colors, and materials to choose from

What We Don’t Like

  • Not quite as many fitness features as more advanced models
  • Battery life isn’t as robust as the Ultra

BUY: Apple Watch Series 7

Apple Watch Series 3 Deals

Apple Watch Series 3


For a truly low-priced Apple Watch deal, consider buying a refurbished watch from one of the earliest generations. You can get an Apple Watch Series 3 for not much more than $100. And while it doesn’t compete with the speed, performance, or connectivity of current models, it certainly offers plenty of remarkable features: GPS functionality, basic fitness stats, and more.

What We Like

  • Very modest price point
  • Decent battery life
  • Lightweight and comfortable fit

What We Don’t Like

  • Not as robust or powerful as newer models
  • Fewer style, color, and size options

BUY: Apple Watch Series 3

FAQs About Apple Watch Deals

What is the most budget-friendly Apple Watch?

If you’re looking for the Apple Watch that has the lowest price point, both the Apple Watch Series 8 and the Apple Watch SE are worth considering. Also note that browsing for pre-owned Apple Watches, particularly those of previous generations, can be a good way to save a few dollars.

Are Apple Watches worth it?

The Apple Watch is undoubtedly a robust piece of technology, and if you are an iPhone user, then getting an Apple Watch can provide you with a truly seamless tech experience. The Apple Watch is also highly recommended for fitness enthusiasts, as it offers an enviable suite of metrics and fitness-tracking tools.

Is it worth it getting an Apple Watch with cellular?

If you buy an Apple Watch with a cellular plan, then you can access things like texts, emails, and streaming music without any need to have your phone nearby. Given that the Apple Watch was partly designed to help users achieve some distance from their phone, this can definitely be worth the extra investment.