The 9 Best Personal Training Apps in 2022 to Help You "HIIT" Your Goals


Self-led workouts have increased in popularity recently and virtual training options have risen to the occasion. The beauty of virtual workouts is being able to stay active anywhere, anytime. The best personal training apps give you the benefits of a personal trainer but are more flexible with your schedule—simply pull out your smart device whenever you like and tap on the app of your choice to get your sweat on. Most apps work with the equipment and space you have available to you, although you can get more bang for your buck if you have a few key pieces of gear that work in tight spaces.

It can be hard to find which fitness app fits your needs, so we're here to help you wade through the options. Whether you're biking through the city, running along the trails, downward dogging under the stars, or power planking in your bonus room, these personal training apps will keep you motivated along your fitness journey.

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Best Personal Training Apps - Our Top Picks

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  • Featured Personal Training App: Future
  • Best Personal Training App for Running: CoPilot
  • Best Personal Training App for Weight Training: Future
  • Best Personal Training App for HIIT: Fiit
  • Best Personal Training App for Cycling: FlexIt Fitness
  • Best Personal Training App for Home Workouts: Bande
  • Best Personal Training App for Yoga: Alo Moves
  • Best Personal Training App for Beginners: BetterMe
  • Best Free Personal Training App: Strong

What to Consider When Deciding on a Personal Training App

Before you toggle over to the app store, take a few minutes to reflect on what you're looking for in a fitness training app. Here are a few things to consider:

Interests and Goals

Many of the personal training apps on the market can be customized to fit your interests, with options for cycling, running, strength training, bodyweight conditioning, yoga, and more. Some are more specialized, focusing on one main area or activity. Think about what your goals are and how you plan to use the app when deciding which one will be best for you.

Fitness Level

It helps to know yourself and your capabilities and be honest with where you are in your fitness journey. (That doesn't mean you can't stretch a little beyond your comfort zone!) Some of the apps are designed to meet you where you are while others are meant to push you to the max.

Price Point

Free is always nice, but in order to receive the full benefits of the digital coaches you may need to spend a little for memberships or premium access.

Tracking and Planning

Logging your measurements and tracking your progress can help you identify patterns and give you a little extra push. Meal plans can help you stay on track from a nutrition aspect. Knowing what type of tracking you are likely to use can help you decide which personal training app will work best for you.

Accountability and Community

A little accountability goes a long way. But how do you want that served up? You may want a trainer who can work with you in real-time, or you may prefer to exchange messages on your own time. If you get by with a little help from your friends, a fitness community can rally behind you if you start to lose your mojo.

Featured Personal Training App - Future



  • Workouts: Activities can be one modality (like weight training or stretching), or a combination of cardio and strength. Workouts range in length from less than 20 minutes to more than 45 minutes, depending on what you and your coach decide is best for your body and goals.
  • Personalization: Answer a few questions and choose from a list of recommended coaches based on their experience, personality, and training style. Your coach then designs a weekly training plan based on your goals, equipment, and schedule for that week. (If you're traveling, for example, your coach can identify how to utilize the hotel gym or design a bodyweight workout.)
  • Goals: Your coach checks in daily to motivate you and help you stay on track. Coaches also schedule check-in meetings to evaluate your progress and hear how you're feeling about the workouts.
  • Metrics: The app uses an Apple Watch to track your workouts and provide insight to your coach. Heart rate, duration, and calories burned are shared with your coach who can tweak the workouts based on your body's response to the program.
  • Device integration: The app is currently only available for iPhone users (but the company says they hope to integrate Android in the future). Future lets you borrow a Series 3 Apple Watch with GPS for a $199 deposit, or you can use your own.
  • Activity Summaries: A summary from each workout is available for you and your trainer to review.
  • Notifications: A timer is built into each workout and will keep you on pace. You can also elect to receive notifications from your trainer.
  • Videos and tutorials: Each workout kicks off with a message from your coach. Each move has a demo video and your coach may record vocal cues to help you along the way. You can send a video or message to your coach at any time during the workout to check on form, ask for a modification, or just to share a sweaty selfie.
  • Community: One-on-one interactions between you and your coach.

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This app is based on human connection, with fitness pros bringing their expert knowledge right to your phone and pushing you to be your best. Future's text-based platform sets this app apart from others on the market. The app's co-founder and CTO Justin Santamaria is no stranger to cutting-edge communications, as he was a lead engineer at Apple and created the text bubbles we have on our phones.

By syncing your workouts via an Apple Watch, your trainer can monitor your physical activity and track your progress. What makes this such a great overall training app is the personalization. Digital trainers aren't the same as in-person training sessions, but the one-on-one time you get with trainer check-ins combined with the weekly workouts makes this pretty darn close to having a personal trainer in your back pocket. Once you sign up you're paired with a coach who best fits your needs and personality. You'll connect with your coach via FaceTime to discuss your fitness level and goals, and your trainer will get to work crafting your plan.


  • The price-point is fair for the tailored programming and customized support you receive from the pro coaches. (Compared to most in-person personal training sessions.)
  • You don't need equipment or a gym membership to do the workouts since your coach factors in what you have access to.
  • Not only do you receive a workout built just for you, but you can send videos of your form and leave feedback about the workout to discuss with your coach.
  • Variety is proven to help you stay motivated, and the real-life trainers on this app ensure you won't get bored with workouts.


  • Trainers aren't watching you live so they can't correct your form or help you troubleshoot an exercise in real time. (Although you can send photos and videos of your form and your coach can respond.)
  • If you want a community of fellow members to help push you along, this probably isn't a good fit since the "social" aspect is just your one-on-one sessions and motivating messages with your coach.
  • You're at the mercy of a good WiFi connection for your workout to flow. A poor connection could mean a slower pace.

BUY: Future

Best Personal Training App for Running - CoPilot



  • Workouts: The app shows your weekly workout plan at a glance. When you tap your workout, you'll see all the exercises for the workout plus the weight needed, number of reps, etc. You can monitor your Apple Watch throughout your workout to see your progress.
  • Personalization: After you fill out a welcome survey, you'll be paired with a trainer who will meet with you to create a customized workout plan accessible through the app.
  • Goals: Your trainer works with you to set goals and helps you stay on track to achieve them.
  • Metrics: The app monitors your heart rate, calories burned, and workouts completed. Metrics are logged and saved for review by you and your coach.
  • Device Integration: CoPilot is currently an Apple-only app. Having an Apple Watch isn't required, but it's recommended.
  • Activity Summaries: At the end of your workout, your trainer will send you a summary. Your workout info is also saved in the app.
  • Notifications: You will get prompts in your coach's voice throughout your workout.
  • Videos/Tutorials: Demo videos are available for the exercises if you want to familiarize yourself with a move. You can access these from your phone or your watch. Audio prompts will let you know when rest periods are up and help you keep count of the number of reps.
  • Community: You and your coach.

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This one-on-one coaching platform pairs you with a pro coach dedicated to help you achieve realistic and sustainable lifestyle goals. Schedule your welcome meeting with your trainer to discuss your current workout situation and what you hope to get out of the experience. Your trainer will create a workout planner consisting of exercises to target specific areas (upper body, lower body, push/pull, etc.)

Using an Apple Watch for your workouts makes it easy to navigate through each exercise and keeps tabs on your stats, although it's not required. Once your workout is complete you'll see a summary from your coach and get a chance to discuss how the workout went. (What you'd like, what you'd change, what you didn't understand.) After several workouts, your trainer can make adjustments to help you get the most out of each exercise and see results.


  • Metrics are logged for easy review
  • Easy to view demos can guide you with voice prompts
  • Your trainer makes adjustments based on your workout summary and feedback


  • Sometimes the app can lag, leading to miscounts in reps
  • The app is currently only compatible with Apple products

BUY: CoPilot

Best Personal Training App for Weight Training - Future


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So nice, we had to list it twice! In addition to being a great overall personal training app, it's especially helpful with weight-training workouts. Trainers will create workouts based on your weights at home, or they can help you navigate the (sometimes intimidating) weight section of your gym.

Having a personal trainer guide you through weight training helps to ensure you're maximizing each exercise by doing the right number of reps with the best weight for your body and goals. You'll also avoid potential injury and gain more confidence in your weight-training abilities. Future trainers offer modifications and tweak your weight-training plan based on your progress.

BUY: Future

Best Personal Training App for HIIT - Fiit



  • Workouts: With more than 1000 workouts in three categories (cardio, strength and rebalance) there are plenty of options to keep you challenged and engaged. Workout durations include 10, 25, 40 and 60 minutes.
  • Personalization: Training plans are available for a variety of goals and range from 2-10 weeks. Following a training plan helps you narrow down your class options and focus on the ones that will work toward your goal.
  • Goals: Achieve your goals using one of the recommended training plans, including "Base Fit'' to start laying your fitness foundation, or "Total Burn" to kick your workouts into overdrive. More advanced athletes will appreciate the "Outlast Pro 3," a 12-week plan designed to build strength and endurance and improve athletic performance.
  • Metrics: You can opt to wear a fitness tracker and sync it with the app to monitor your metrics.
  • Device Integration: Fiit is compatible with Apple and Android platforms. Fiit works with Apple Watches and other fitness trackers to monitor metrics and compete in live leaderboard classes. You can also purchase a Fiit chest band to monitor your stats.
  • Activity Summaries: If you're using a fitness tracker that's paired with the app, you can see a summary of stats including your heart rate, calories burned, and personal bests.
  • Notifications: N/A
  • Videos/Tutorials: Simply choose a class from the catalog and follow along. Trainers will demo a move and offer modifications as needed.
  • Community: Classes are in a group setting, so you can watch other participants and get the feeling of being in a class without leaving your living room. There's also the Fiit Club, a fun feature that adds an element of competition to the platform by tallying up points earned during a workout (based on effort, not fitness level) and comparing them to whoever you're challenging within the app's community.

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The energy in each Fiit class is palpable. The boutique studio vibes include upbeat music and motivating trainers who will help you look forward to your next sweat sesh. On-demand and live training options work with your schedule and modifications make each class welcoming for all fitness levels.

Class options include strength training to help build muscle, HIIT classes to improve stamina, and yoga for recovery days. You can find classes that require a bit of equipment or ones that only require a mat and your body, making it easy to work with what you have available.


  • User friendly and easy to navigate
  • Class options and upbeat vibes help you stay motivated
  • Variety of training plans and styles


  • The number of workouts can be overwhelming
  • Better for those who enjoy group classes rather than 1:1 training

BUY: Fiit

Best Personal Training App for Cycling - FlexIt Fitness

FlexIt Fitness


  • Workouts: You can choose from a variety of categories, including HIIT, strength training, and cycling.
  • Personalization: A matching quiz helps you find the certified trainer who is right for you and your goals. The trainer you are paired with will create a personalized workout and guide you through each move in real time.
  • Goals: Meet with your trainer through 30-minute virtual sessions to go over your goals and track your progress.
  • Metrics: Use the app to track how many sessions you have taken and the workouts your coach has outlined for you.
  • Device Integration: Available for Apple and Android products.
  • Activity Summaries: View past workouts and message with your coach about future sessions.
  • Notifications: The app has a progress monitor so you can check in during your workout. Your trainer will also offer cues and guidance along the way.
  • Videos/Tutorials: Your trainer will be online throughout the workout to cheer you on while offering guidance on form.
  • Community: You'll be able to train with a variety of instructors in one-on-one live sessions.

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A great pay-as-you-go option, FlexIt Fitness is the ultimate "meet you where you are" platform. You can book sessions with multiple trainers individually or set up recurring appointments—whatever works for you and your needs!

At-home cycling sessions with a virtual personal trainer can keep you focused, and programs geared toward cycling can help you plan your own biking schedule. You can also make appointments with other health experts like physical therapists and nutritionists so you can take a well-rounded approach to your health and fitness.


  • Real-time, 1:1 training sessions hold you accountable
  • Reschedule up to 12 hours before your session without fees
  • Flexible training times make working out accessible for any schedule
  • Pay by the session or purchase a monthly plan


  • You'll need internet access to train virtually in real time
  • No social element like in a group class

BUY: FlexIt

Best Personal Training App for Home Workouts - Bande



  • Workouts: Live and on-demand sessions with world-class instructors are available in a variety of categories. You can filter by equipment, instructor, exercise style, and duration.
  • Personalization: The instructor (who sees you via your device's camera) will cheer you on and offer you feedback and guidance.
  • Goals: Choose a class that best fits your needs and the instructor will expertly guide you through a session to help you achieve your wellness goals.
  • Metrics: N/A
  • Device Integration: The platform is available via desktop, mobile, and as an app.
  • Activity Summaries: You can see a history of which classes you have taken.
  • Notifications: N/A
  • Videos/Tutorials: Choose a pre-recorded class and follow along at your own pace, or sign up for a live session and get personalized guidance on form and flow.
  • Community: You and your crew can sign up for the same classes and cheer each other on. You can message and audio chat with friends and instructors to stay in the loop on tips, assists, and more.

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Love the community-feel of a group class but want the flexibility of home workouts? You don't need to work out IRL to feel connected. Bande (pronounced "bond," meaning "group" in French) brings uplifting, studio-style workouts straight to your living room (or garage, or bonus room), so you can sweat it out at home without missing a beat. Each live session is intentionally interactive, so be ready to turn your camera on and crank your motivation up.

You can opt for an on-demand class if you can't make one of the scheduled morning, afternoon, or evening live classes. Classes range from barre and cardio dance to HIIT and strength training. Equipment isn't required, but typical home gym basics like light weights, a yoga mat, and resistance bands are recommended for many of the classes.


  • Membership options are flexible and there are no long-term contracts
  • You can cancel up to two hours before the class begins with no fees
  • The community vibes and instructor interaction emulate a studio setting
  • The weekly "Sunday Reset" class is a great way to clear your mind for the week ahead
  • A smaller pool of instructors means a more personalized experience


  • This is a two-way interactive platform, so not a good fit if you don't like to be on camera
  • A larger screen is better, so joining via phone may quelch the vibes

BUY: Bande

Best Personal Training App for Yoga - Alo Moves

Alo Moves


  • Workouts: Yoga styles include restorative, vinyasa, hatha, and ashtanga. Classes vary in duration from 10-minute flows to 90-minute sessions.
  • Personalization: Options here are practically endless. Choose your workout based on your needs and match it with the instructor you're vibing with that day. (Pro tip: Try mixing and matching sessions—like one of the fitness classes with a powerful yoga flow—for a fun full-body experience.)
  • Goals: Made for yogis of all levels, Alo's classes help you nurture your yoga journey—whether you're ten years in or kicking off your first class. The skills portion of the app helps you work toward specific goals with guided steps.
  • Metrics: N/A
  • Device Integration: Classes can be accessed online (on Alo's website) or via the Alo app (available on both Android and Apple).
  • Activity Summaries: N/A
  • Notifications: N/A
  • Videos/Tutorials: Live classes are great for participants to ask questions and instructors to encourage proper form.
  • Community: You'll build a community of fellow yogis and maybe even a playlist of your favorite instructors.

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Created by the Alo company—an LA-based clothing brand that began in 2007—Alo yoga studios have grown into a streaming service offering on-demand yoga, meditation, and fitness classes. (Fun fact: "Alo" stands for "air, land, and ocean.")

Although the app offers four workout categories to choose from (fitness, mindfulness, yoga, and skills training), the yoga portion makes this virtual training platform really shine. Filter the classes based on style (such as restorative, vinyasa, hatha, ashtanga, or prenatal), duration, difficulty, and instructor.

The user-friendly platform welcomes you with a personalized quiz to tee up some recommended classes, which is a good starting point so you don't feel overwhelmed by the offerings.


  • The "daily recommendations" feature serves up three new classes per day
  • You can download a class and follow the flow offline
  • Live classes are helpful to boost motivation and help you maintain your form


  • Doesn't track workouts, so you'll have to use your own fitness tracking device
  • Alo instructors don't follow-up or check in with you between classes

BUY: Alo Moves

Best Personal Training App for Beginners - BetterMe



  • Workouts: Class options are divided into three sections: beginner, medium, and advanced. Most workouts are about 20 minutes long.
  • Personalization: The sign-up questionnaire generates a personalized plan to help you exercise regularly and focus on your overall wellness. The monthly subscription options includes access to a coach for specific questions and guidance.
  • Goals: You can choose from a variety of goal options, most of which center on weight loss and toning.
  • Metrics: Calculate water intake.
  • Device Integration: Available for Android and Apple.
  • Activity Summaries: N/A
  • Notifications: Check-in messages will keep you engaged and hold you accountable.
  • Videos/Tutorials: Each workout video includes demos and tips to help you along the way.
  • Community: You'll have access to the BetterMe community and articles to help you make healthy choices and stay encouraged along the way.

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Imagine sitting down with a personal trainer to design a full plan of attack to help you kick off your wellness journey. This is what you'll find with BetterMe. Share your goals and interests, identify potential challenges, highlight the areas that you'd like to focus on and evaluate what works best with your lifestyle. After filling out a detailed questionnaire, you'll get a personalized plan with actionable items to help you stay on track. BetterMe not only gives you the tools to reach your goals, it walks you through the process so you don't get distracted or discouraged along the way.

The workout tab has a range of options to help you stay active and accountable. Other tabs in your plan include challenges you can opt into, meal plans, personal coaching, and community groups.


  • Workouts and meal plans work together to maximize results
  • No equipment needed for workouts
  • Daily tracking to visualize progress and stay motivated


  • You have to pay extra to access some features
  • The calorie counting aspect integrated with your plan can be tedious

BUY: BetterMe

Best Free Personal Training App - Strong



  • Workouts: You can search the Strong library for existing workout templates or build your own workout.
  • Personalization: Set-up is super easy, just enter your name and email address to get started. Then hit the ground running by creating your own workout or personalizing one of the recommended templates.
  • Goals: Easily track your progress to reach your goals by monitoring strength training-based stats about each workout.
  • Metrics: The Strong platform helps you track and measure your weight, body fat percentage, calorie intake, and body-part circumference.
  • Device Integration: Strong is available on iPhone, Android, and Apple Watch.
  • Activity Summaries: Review your workout summaries and use your stats to help you build strength and stamina with each workout.
  • Notifications: N/A
  • Videos/Tutorials: Photos show examples of popular exercises that you can add to your workout lineup.
  • Community: N/A

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An innovative fitness tracker that puts the power of planning and tracking your workouts in your own hands. Build your own workout or use one of the recommended templates, then adjust the number of sets, reps, and weight to fit your goals.

The streamlined app helps you create a straightforward workout that's easy to follow and stores your information for the future. You can check each exercise off as you do it and adjust on the fly if you want to add sets or swap out weight. You can even add notes in each workout to mark a personal best or make a reminder to pay attention to form.


  • Offers a lot of features for a free app
  • A no-frills approach to tracking your workouts
  • The app pairs well with an existing gym membership
  • Upgrades are available if you want to add more features


  • Limited pre-made plans and no external guidance
  • May not be the best fit for those who need external motivation

BUY: Strong

Why You Should Buy/Download Personal Training Apps

Accountability can be a powerful motivator. Simply having someone else show up for you and encourage you to step outside your comfort zone can make a huge impact on your fitness outcomes.

Accessibility and structure are also key reasons to download a personal training app. If you have fewer barriers between you and your workout, and you build time into your day that you know will work for your schedule, you'll have more success at maintaining your commitment to healthy habits.

If a workout is personalized to your needs, goals, and interests, it will become something you look forward to instead of another to-do on your list. Find an app that has classes you will enjoy, so you'll be more likely to jump into your cardio core dance class than hit snooze.

Personal Training Apps FAQs

What is the best personal training app?

"Best" is a subjective term. A power yoga session may be the perfect fit for you but may not be right for your marathon-training neighbor. Plus, your needs will evolve over time as your circumstances and commitments shift. Focus more on what fits best with your current goals and fitness level and give yourself some room to adjust along the way.

Are there free personal training apps?

Pricing structures can vary depending on the fitness platform and customization options within each app. Some apps may be free to download but require a monthly or annual membership to access workouts, while others offer free access or pay-as-you-go sessions. Free is always nice if the app offers tools that work for you, but paying for an app or membership can also be a great motivator to actually stick with it if you don't like wasting money on services you don't use.

What app do personal trainers use with their clients?

Personal trainers utilize a variety of apps to work with clients. Future, CoPilot, and FlexIt Fitness are trainer-based apps where certified personal trainers work directly with clients to build workout plans and achieve personalized goals.

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