Affiliate Disclosure


It is the mission of to produce informative, authoritative, engaging articles and guides to help you lead a healthy, active lifestyle. We strive to provide detailed, unbiased reviews of fitness equipment, apparel, and accessories. is dedicated to establishing unwavering trust with our audience and believes that transparency is the foundation of any trusting relationship. As such, it is important that you are aware that we may receive compensation from retailers when you click on a link that takes you to their website or if you purchase their products from that link. 


Importantly, this affiliate compensation allows us to continue producing authoritative, well-researched, and unbiased product reviews for our readers. There are zero fees associated with clicking product links or actually purchasing the products on other retailer sites for our readers – this is all at no cost to you. 


Here is a breakdown of how receives compensation from companies and online retailers:


The team at creates and includes referral links in our articles. When you click on the link, you will be directed to our affiliate partner sites. This simply lets our partners know that you are visiting their site from our site. 


When you visit one of these sites we may receive compensation in one of the following ways:


  1. Cost-per-click
  2. Affiliate fee
  3. Revenue share

The compensation we receive does not influence the products we select to review nor does it ensure a positive review.

On occasion, brands pay to be featured in our lists.  While this may influence where their products or services appear on our site, it in no way affects our ratings, which are based on thorough research, solid methodologies, and expert advice. Our partners cannot pay us to guarantee favorable reviews of their products or services.


Another way that we receive compensation is through free products. These products are used for testing and reviewing on This form of compensation also does not influence our content nor does it guarantee a positive review of the product(s) received.

Additionally, we create and sell advertising units such as onsite display, email remarketing, social media campaigns, etc. to retailers. With these, compensation may include:


  1. Cost-per-impression
  2. Cost-per-click
  3. Affiliate fee
  4. Revenue share

The compensation we receive does not influence the products we select to review nor does it ensure a positive review.

For reviews/articles of a company or product(s) that receives any financial compensation, the following statement will be included: “By clicking on the product links in this article, may receive a commission fee at no cost to you.” A link to this complete disclosure will also be included. 

We understand that biases are an aspect of human nature. Therefore, we have implemented several checks and balances to ensure that our reviews and articles are unbiased, honest, and fully independent of the company being reviewed, and the compensation that may receive from those companies: 

  1. The Advisory Board is and will continue to be composed of experts in the field of fitness, wellness, and nutrition who do not own any equity or debt securities of the companies that are reviewed. Our board members are and will remain independent and unaffiliated with the companies being reviewed. 
  2. The financial arrangements that the sales staff makes with any affiliated companies are not shared with The editorial team. This is so that our writers and editors do not feel any pressure or obligation to give positive reviews to these companies. 
  3. Our editorial staff and advisory board members are made up of fitness, wellness, and nutrition professionals who are passionate about leading healthy, active lifestyles. Employees and board members create objective review standards that are independent of any financial compensation arrangements received.


  • Cost-per-impression

  • Cost-per-click

  • Affiliate fee

  • Revenue share