The Best Online Nutrition Coaches: Conquer Your Health Goals

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Struggling to meet your health and fitness goals? Then you may want to take a second look at what you’re eating. Knowing what to eat to achieve your desired results can be challenging to figure out on your own—not to mention, the science of nutrition is complex and every individual is unique. That’s why the best online nutrition coach can help you unlock your nutritional needs, prevent nutritional deficiencies, and conquer your long term health goals with a program that's uniquely tailored to you.

The Best Online Nutrition Coach - Our Top Picks

We all have different needs when it comes to the ideal nutrition plan because several factors come into play such as age, fitness level, chronic illness, food allergies, and weight. We took these factors into account when researching the best online nutrition coaches. Keep reading to see which one may be right for you.

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Best Overall Online Nutrition Coach - Future



  • Platforms: Virtual personal training (app)
  • Features: One-on-one coaching, flexible workouts, unlimited workouts, work out anywhere, tailored programs

The most effective way to attain your health and fitness goals is through personalized, one-on-one coaching, and that is exactly what Future provides. A self-proclaimed “modern take,” on personal training that's easy to follow, flexible, and tailored to you. Future offers a monthly membership that grants users access to one-on-one virtual coaching, flexible workouts, unlimited workouts, and the ability to train anywhere.

This is a virtual personal training platform that is utilized via the Future app. When you join, Future matches you with the right coach to help you conquer your goals. Future strongly believes that partnership is the key to progress. Your Future coach will help you set goals, push your limits, ride out the lows, and build momentum. All of your workouts and performance metrics can be accessed within the app, leveraging the Apple Watch and iPhone to deliver insights into detailed biometrics, with a direct line to chat with your coach, coupled with personalized personal training.

What We Like

  • Affordable, one-on-one personalized coaching
  • Easy accessibility
  • Tailored, flexible, training

What We Don't Like

  • More fitness than nutrition based
  • Not for Android users

BUY: Future

Best Budget Online Nutrition Coach - WW (Weight Watchers)

weight watchers


  • Platforms: Virtual and in-person nutrition coaching and food tracking (online, app, in-person meetings)
  • Features: Personalized weight loss plan, virtual and in-person support, Points budget

WW or Weight Watchers is pretty much a household name, certainly in the US. It was founded in 1963, and there's a reason it's survived and thrived for so long—it works! This extremely successful program has helped millions of people lose weight over its tenure. WW provides custom weight-loss plans tailored to the individual.

The Weight Watchers system uses a points-based system to track your foot intake, with the ultimate goal of weight-loss. This point system takes each food's complex nutritional factors into account, such as: added sugars, fiber, protein, and saturated vs. unsaturated fats, to create a single number: the Points value.

What We Like

  • Super budget-friendly
  • Personalized weight loss plan
  • Points budget
  • Mindful eating
  • High success rate

What We Don't Like

  • In-person support not always available
  • Most meals must be prepared at home

BUY: WW (Weight Watchers)

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Best Online Nutrition Coach for Women - Future



  • Platforms: Virtual personal training (app)
  • Features: One-on-one coaching, flexible workouts, unlimited workouts, work out anywhere, tailored programs

The modern woman is renaissance and wears many different hats throughout her day. She is usually on the move and needs the flexibility and versatility that Future personalized training provides. The iPhone and Apple Watch compatibility works in tandem with the Future app to bring women a custom-tailored training program anywhere and everywhere they go.

Keep in mind that as of right now, Future is only compatible with the iPhone. There are Future coaches that specialize in nutrition, but this is primarily a fitness-based platform. You can always pick up nutrition tips from the Future blog. We like that you can access and complete your custom workouts on your own time with Future personalized training—a modern coaching take.

What We Like

  • Flexibility
  • Customized personal training
  • Unlimited workouts anywhere

What We Don't Like

  • Not for Android users
  • More fitness than nutrition based

BUY: Future

Best Online Nutrition Coach for General Health - OnPoint Nutrition

OnPoint Nutrition


  • Platforms: Virtual nutrition coaching (online, app)
  • Features: Online nutrition coaching, weekly meetings with personal dietician, structured support

GET NOOM FREE FOR 14-DAYSOnPoint Nutrition offers online nutrition coaching, app food tracking, and matches you with a personal dietician to help you achieve your health goals. There are three different online counseling programs to choose from at various price points. Each OnPoint nutrition program has three main components: the initial consultation, one-on-one coaching, and the long-term follow-up.

Additionally, registered users are encouraged to utilize OnPoint's food logging app where they must do their own food conversions, unlimited messaging with their nutritionist, OnPoint's recipe database, nutrition guides, monthly webinars, and interactive online community support. One thing to note: Once you sign up with OnPoint, it's in your best interest to complete your program because there are no refunds if you decide it's not for you.

What We Like

  • Personalized nutrition coaching
  • Personal dietician
  • Weekly support
  • Potential insurance coverage

What We Don't Like

  • No refunds
  • Must do own food conversions

Best Online Nutrition Coach for Athletes - Forge Fitness

Forge Fitness


  • Platforms: Virtual fitness and nutrition coaching (online, app)
  • Features: Personalized online training, custom meal plans, flexible monthly training plans

GET NOOM FREE FOR 14-DAYSForge provides custom online personal training, fitness, and nutrition coaching. This company takes on clients of all levels, ranging from beginner to advanced. There are three programs offered at varying price points. The most basic plan for $125 a month gives you a once a month coaching call, the mid-range plan for $175 a month gives bi-weekly coaching calls, and the most expensive, premium plan for $225 a month, provides weekly coaching calls.

Forge trainers fully customize your monthly training plan based on your current fitness level, goals, experience, access to equipment, schedule, and food preferences. They offer expertise in programs designed for fat loss, muscle gain, general fitness, athletic development, and sports performance.

What We Like

  • Personalized online training
  • Custom meal plans
  • Flexible monthly training

What We Don't Like

  • Weekly support is pricey
  • Basic plan only provides monthly support

How to Choose the Best Online Nutrition Coach

Choosing the best online nutrition coach depends on your individual goals, and identifying what those are before you choose a plan is integral to your success. Goals might include weight loss, building muscle, following a balanced diet, addressing and alleviating chronic illness symptoms, etc.

After you identify your goals, consider the features of each program you're looking at. Are you someone who needs weekly support? Are you looking for daily meal plans? Do you need on-demand workout access, inspiration, and motivation? The best online nutrition coach for you will meet your needs and help you conquer your goals.

FAQs About Online Nutrition Coaches

Is it worth it paying for a nutrition coach?

In our opinion, Yes! Paying for a nutrition coach provides structure, support, and accountability that you wouldn't be able to achieve on your own.

What do online nutrition coaches charge?

The cost of online nutrition coaching varies. There are programs on this list that range from $43 a month to $1100 for two and a half months. Finding a plan that works with your budget is essential. Luckily, there are programs on this list for every budget.

Can nutrition coaches make meal plans?

Yes, nutrition coaches can and often do make meal plans. Whether customized meal plans are a part of your personalized coaching will be outlined in the features section of your chosen plan.