Alo Moves: Is This Yoga App the Right Move for Your Goals?

alo moves review

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A well-rounded online yoga platform offers a sufficient variety of classes led by qualified instructors. Alo Moves is a yoga app that you can use to practice yoga or do other types of workouts from home. Their programming ranges from beginner to advanced, so there's a class suitable for everyone. The app moves you through yoga, fitness, and mindfulness classes to help you achieve your health and wellness goals.

In this Alo Moves review, we'll give you the details on what the app offers, what you'll need to do the workouts, and the possible benefits and disadvantages, so you can decide for yourself whether Alo Moves is the right move for you.

A Quick Look at Alo Moves

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  • Features: On-demand workouts from 4 different categories, world-class instructors, minimal equipment needed, customization options
  • Platforms: Android, iOS, desktop site

GET ALO MOVES FREE FOR 7-DAYSAlo, which stands for air, land, and ocean, started in 2007 as a yoga clothing line. The company eventually opened yoga studios and now offers on-demand classes that many use to work out at home. The Alo Moves app is so much more than a yoga app, offering four different categories of classes that also include mindfulness, fitness, and skills.

Each on-demand class is led by a qualified instructor, which is comparable to having your own personal trainer to lead you through your flow or workout session. The trainers offer tips on form and empower you to push yourself to grow and achieve your fitness goals. You can search for workouts within each category and filter by skill level, duration, and more.

What We Like

  • Different categories and class types are available
  • You can choose the length and intensity based on your needs
  • Over 70 instructors to choose from
  • Recommended classes can supplement other classes you like
  • Minimal equipment and space required

What We Don't Like

  • No live classes available
  • Doesn't track workouts

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A Closer Look at Alo Moves


The four categories of workouts are yoga, fitness, mindfulness, and skills. There are six types of yoga classes offered currently, which means you can do a Vinyasa Flow one day and a more relaxing Restorative Flow the next. The Fitness category offers workouts from HIIT (high-intensity interval training) to barre and beyond.

If you want to work on being mindful or meditating, the Mindfulness category has plenty of options to choose from. The Skill category guides you as you tackle learning something new, such as a handstand, and also features mobility and flexibility videos.


Each class is led by an experienced instructor, and there are over 70 to choose from. When you download the app, you'll fill out a questionnaire that helps you find the instructors that most match your learning style. Worst case scenario if you don't enjoy an instructor, you can choose another for your next class.


Depending on the class you choose, you may need equipment. Alo Moves is an excellent option if you don't have any equipment aside from a yoga mat and don't plan on buying any. It's also a great option if you want to add a pair of light dumbbells or resistance bands. Before you start a class, the equipment is listed, so you know what you'll need.

Customization Options

When searching for a workout, you can choose the level of difficulty and intensity. If you're short on time or want to get in a longer workout, there's a filter for class duration as well. You can also choose the style of class you're looking for and even search for an instructor you want to try out or one you've enjoyed before.

Once you find a few classes you like, you can save them under the My Practice tab. Over time, you'll build a collection of classes that you can do again and again. You can also select and save your class choices for the coming week if you like to prepare ahead of time.

How Does Alo Moves Work?

After you download the app, you'll fill out (or skip until later) a survey that will ask you questions about your preferred type of instruction or coaching. From there, the app will recommend instructors based on your responses, or you can choose them on your own. That's really it! You can browse and take classes to start your exercise routine and work towards your goal.

If you're not sure whether Alo Moves is right for you, there is a seven-day free trial. We recommend trying out different types of classes along with different instructors so you get the full experience before deciding whether you want to commit.

What We Like About Alo Moves

The different class types are definitely a great feature. You get to supplement your yoga training with other classes, and vice versa. The ability to customize your search based on your needs makes it quick and easy to find the right workout as you don't have to scroll through an endless list of offerings. Plus, with more than 70 instructors, you're bound to find one or more that you enjoy, which is great because an instructor can influence the effectiveness of your workout.

It's an excellent app if you're limited in space and you still want to exercise at home. For the most part, you need a space big enough for a yoga mat. Alo Moves also works well if you have a more restrictive budget because you can get a full-body workout with minimal equipment, such as a light set of dumbbells and resistance bands.


What We Don't Like About Alo Moves

While there are many on-demand workouts to choose from and you can download them, we do wish that Alo Moves offered live classes. With live classes, the instructor provides feedback that is specific to you and also motivates you further.

This app is not currently compatible with tracking devices and doesn't offer an option to track your workouts like other fitness apps. That means there are no leaderboards where you can see your score or compare it to others who have done the workout and no way to go back and see if you beat an old score.

Alo Moves Alternatives

If you're looking for an app that provides more guidance and interaction with your trainer, we recommend considering Future, where you're assigned a personal coach who designs a weekly training plan based on your goals, equipment, and schedule. From there, you touch base with your coach regularly to celebrate your progress and address any hurdles you encounter.

The lululemon Studio app is another great alternative. It has over 10,000 class workouts that include a wide variety of classes. No matter where you are, you can stream or join a live class, and there are several filters to streamline your search. If you decide to get the Mirror, the two-way camera allows the instructor to see you and offer feedback or cheer you on during a live class. At the end of each workout, you can input your score and add a selfie to the leaderboard.

Who Is Alo Moves Best for?

Alo Moves is best for those who want to do different types of yoga classes at home. It's also a great way to mix up your training as they offer four different class types with different durations and intensity levels. Plus, you can use Alo Moves if you have a set of dumbbells or resistance bands, or if you don't own any equipment at all.

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Our Verdict

Alo Moves is a well-rounded app that offers yoga, fitness, meditation, and skill classes that can help you reach your fitness goals using minimal or no equipment from home.

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FAQs About Alo Moves

Is Alo Moves worth the money?

Yes, it offers a variety of class types from four different categories led by over 70 instructors. You can choose a workout that fits your time frame, training needs, and fitness level.

Is Alo Moves good for beginners?

Yes, they have many classes that are rated for beginners and also are led by an instructor who will guide you through each exercise.

Is it easy to cancel Alo Moves?

You'll need to cancel by logging on to the website, and you can cancel your membership at any time.