Hell Run? Hell Yes!

Hell Run? Hell Yes!

They pride themsleves on being a mud crawling, obstacle conquering, beer drinking run. The course is officially made up of 3.15 miles and 12 "kick-ass" obstacles. The only rule that applies is that anything goes and wearing the most rediculous costumes will receive a Hell Run "Award for Awesomeness." On a side note, Ton Loc of famed "Funky Cold Madina" and "Wild Thing," and Coolio of "Fantastic Voyage" will be performing at select events.

Hell Run - Austin

Austin, Texas - April 28, 2012

As if Austin weren't hot enoughas as it is...welcome to hell! Still, you're guaranteed to leave with a smile on your face. Read More

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Hell Run - Chicago

Cicero, Illinois - September 1, 2012

Hell hits the Windy City so prepare to get muddy, Chi-town. Coolio will be performingat at this event. Read More

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Hell Run - Columbus

Thornville, Ohio - September 29, 2012

The fourth event in the series, Hell Run brings Ton Loc to Ohio. Wear your favorite costume and run like hell. Read More

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Hell Run - Seattle

Carnation, Washington - September 15, 2012

Dominate mud pit after mud pit, obstacle after obstacle and celebrate your glory in Seattle. Afterwards, drink some beers and get down to "Funky Cold Madina" when Ton Loc performs afterwards. Read More

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