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The Active Network started Team Active to compete in the 2007 EAS America's Finest City Half Marathon's Corporate Challenge in an effort to encourage employee team building and fitness and reach out to their local community. The personal, company and community gains inspired by Team Active's participation in the Corporate Challenge have left a lasting impression on employees. Team members improved their health and fitness, built friendships and developed team unity. Many employees continue to volunteer for Monarch School, the team's charitable partner. Companies that form teams to participate and fundraise in otherwise individual sports are helping to create a movement in supporting a healthier, cohesive, and caring work force.

Active Network Inc., the leading online community for active lifestyles, rallied over 50 employees to participate in the company's new philanthropic corporate wellness program, the Corporate Challenge. Team Active trained for the EAS America's Finest City Half Marathon & 5K while raising over $27,000 for the Monarch School, a school and care program for homeless children in San Diego.

The Corporate Challenge provided the fun and motivation needed to get employees to improve their overall health by eating better and working out. A major concern for many businesses is the rising costs associated with healthcare. Active employees followed 8-14 week training programs to help them increase their physical fitness and stay on track to achieve their race day goals. Wanting to be a part of Team Active, Christy Pluciennik, knew she had obstacles to overcome in order to reach her goal of finishing the 5k; "The 5K distance seemed a bit far out of my reach considering I weighed over 300 lbs, have minor health issues, and rarely have spare time to work out." Pluciennik's training efforts brought positive results to her health; "It was nearly a week before the event and I had lost over 25 pounds and obtained other health benefits that impressed my doctor during my pre-run assessment visit. This accomplishment would not have been possible if Team Active hadn't formed and shined in my face." Team Active supported each others' fitness goals by scheduling group runs on weekends and teaming up during the week to fit in workouts whenever they could find time.

Team Active raised over $27,000 for the Monarch School and Active Network was named "Top Company" by the EAS America's Finest City event for raising the most funds for charity through the Corporate Challenge program. Active Network employees were able to surpass their fundraising goal and also reached out to the Monarch School by taking part in hands-on volunteer work such as cooking meals for the kids and their families, volunteering at numerous events, conducting on-site tours of the charity.

Team Active's top fundraiser, Julie Woolf, said "I am so glad I had the opportunity to visit Monarch School. After interacting with the children and hearing their stories, I told all of my friends and family about my experience. I asked them to help support the children at Monarch and they overwhelmed me with their support." Team Active was moved by their visits to Monarch School and many Active employees continue to volunteer at the school whenever they can. The team attributed their fundraising success to the support of their friends and families.

Team Active is excited to race for a cause again as they are planning on rounding up the troops to participate in the 2008 EAS America's Finest City Half Marathon & 5K Corporate Challenge in support of the Monarch School.

The EAS America's Finest City Half Marathon & 5K Corporate Challenge 2007 Results

There were six corporate teams and over 250 employees that participated in the 2007 EAS America's Finest City Half Marathon & 5K Corporate Challenge. The program generated over $85,500 for non-profit organizations who were the beneficiaries of corporate participation.

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About The Corporate Challenge: The Corporate Challenge is a philanthropic corporate wellness program developed to help businesses save money on employee direct health care costs by promoting health and fitness, enhance employee morale and productivity by providing a unique team-building event, and increase brand awareness from supporting a cause.

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