8 Tools to Track Your Miles

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Track miles and more with these hot new styles. Regardless of your price range or techie IQ, we've got the perfect watch for you.

Timex Ironman All Day 50-Lap, $65

Perfect for the trackie who wants a high-performing device without all the bells and whistles, this watch delivers simplicity with style. The 50-lap counter makes it easy to record splits on the run, and a chronograph training log saves your workouts by date so you can refer back to past performances.

With a sleek, modern design, you'll want to keep this watch strapped to your wrist all through the day: at the office, on the track, and even in the shower—it's water resistant up to 100 meters. timex.com

Soleus Chicked, $55

The Soleus Chicked gets its name from a term used by less-than-secure male runners, meaning: the act of getting passed by a woman. This watch's functionality combined with a feminine look is sure to give you the confidence to go out and do some "chicking." The unique "target time" function allows you to program your goal pace into the watch.

While you're running, the display will show you how much faster or slower you're going than your target pace. Choose from five fresh colors to match your personal style. soleus.com

Tech4o Accelerator Pro-Trainer Plus, $130

Watches that provide super accurate heart rate and distance calculations can be tough on the wallet. But the Accelerator Pro-Trainer Plus offers both of these measurements at a lower cost due to the accelerator technology. An accelerometer sensor in the watch (the same device used in cars to deploy airbags) measures speed and distance without the need for GPS technology.

Track your miles, steps, calories, laps, heart rate and more, then upload your data onto your personal computer. This watch is also available without the PC uplink for $100. tech4o.com

Garmin Forerunner 110, $200

Thinking of investing in a GPS watch, but intimidated by the idea of wearing a computer on your wrist? The Forerunner 110 combines high-tech function with ease of use. Simply turn on your watch to track distance, heart rate, pace and time with extremely high accuracy.

You can load your workouts onto your computer to monitor progress, or share your data for free at garminconnect.com. Use the website to interact with fellow runners or to view a map of the ground you covered that day. garmin.com

Polar RCX5 Triathlon Training Computer, $390

In most cases, the words "water" and "computer" don't exactly mix. This high-tech watch from Polar, however, can be worn for a run in the rain or a dip in the ocean. Designed for the multi-sport athlete, this is a great choice for runners who take their cross training seriously. Depending on the version you choose, the RCX5 comes with top-notch heart rate technology, as well as a GPS sensor, to allow you to train by both effort and distance.

Set your personal goals for different sports and the zone optimizer will take into account your physiological condition on a daily basis, so you know just how hard to train for maximum results. polarusa.com

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