6 Spectacular Single Track Spring Trail Runs

6 Spectacular Single Track Spring Trail Runs

Instead of a road race this spring, challenge yourself with new terrain, elevation, and glorious single track. These races offer the best of spring trail running.

Mill Mountain Mayhem 10K

Roanoke, Virginia - April 14

Corkscrew around this single track mountain course until you're rewarded with breathtaking scenery at the top. Then head down a blazing fast downhill trail for a powerful finish. Read More

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Big Mountain 5K 10K Half Marathon Trail Run

Colorado Springs, Colorado - April 21

Feed your adventurous spirit with this rugged terrain and these challenging hill climbs. Wind through mountains, stone hops, creeks, and historic tunnels. Single track switchbacks and stunning views lead up to an exhilarating descent. Read More

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Foxy Run Half Marathon and 5K Fun Run

San Diego, California - April 22

This event hosted by the Dirt Devils features a beautiful out-and-back course that circles Lake Hodges. It's safe to expect gorgeous, sunny weather in San Diego as you bound along these scenic trails. Read More

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5th Trail Nut 10K and Half Marathon

Bedford, Virginia - May 3

Rolling, twisting single track through a wooded setting makes up 90 percent of this course. Keep your eyes open for wildlife sightings as you journey through one of Bedford's little-known treasures. Read More

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Amelia Park 5K 10K Half Marathon Trail Run

Hialeah, Florida - May 26

For those wishing to ditch the city, this trail lover's oasis offers rolling hills, climbs, technical sections, and much-loved single track. Strengthen your body and sharpen your mind while finding your runner's high in a natural setting. Read More

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Turquoise Lake Half Marathon

Leadville, Colorado - June 2

The last few miles of this course lead you through a single track dirt trail. You will also witness breathtaking Colorado mountain views as you run around the pristine Turquoise Lake. Read More

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