30th Anniversary Running of Slattery's Turkey Trot

The Slattery's Turkey Trot is a wonderfully warm, inclusive festival for families getting together over the holidays. Running November 21, the Sunday before Thanksgiving, this regional tradition has, over the years, contributed over $150,000 in scholarships to more than 200 area track and field seniors. Generations of families return each year to Slattery's in Fitchburg for this Central Massachusetts tradition.

What started as a pub race in 1981 with 130 runners on the classic 5 mile course has grown into a multi-event festival with nearly 1,500 participants. There is something for everyone and every member of the family this year at the Slattery's Turkey Trot Sunday November 21st.

Yes, there are generous cash prizes, but elites aren't the only ones who walk away happy. Age group winners get Turkeys. In fact, turkeys are awarded to the top 3 men/women who are non-money winners in each age group, making for a really fun post race celebration.

It's a great family day!
Slattery's Turkey Trot is a wonderful venue to gather your family around at the holidays. Even if they are not running there is something for everyone in the family to do. Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa and all the kids. - Slattery's Turkey Trot has two and three generations of families coming back every year as part of a holiday tradition. This year make it part of your family's tradition.

It all started 30 years ago when local running coach Mark Ambrose and Slattery's owner Dave Celuzza collaborated to put on a 5 mile road race. Thirty years later they are still going strong. The race has grown and become a landmark tradition for the Fitchburg area. It is an event that is full of tradition, full of love, and gives back to the local community in large doses.

Major supporter of local scholarships for track and field athletes.
Over the years the Slattery's Turkey Trot has given over $150,000 in scholarships to six local high schools to help kids from track and field. It is not often that you will find an event that has contributed so much back to the local community--and continues to do so. Over 200 high school seniors have benefited from the community spirit and largess of the Turkey Trot over the years. The money is used to positively impact local students and families.

Each year a male and female track and field student from 5 or more local high schools gets up to $1,000 each for college. This is a level of support that has grown over the years and really stands out for generosity and giving to the sport. These are student-athletes who are moving on from high school to do something positive with their lives. The Turkey Trot Scholarship Fund sends the right message of support and is a positive initiative that you can be part of by coming down to participate this year in the 30th annual Slattery's Turkey Trot.

It's a local event and tradition—with amenities!
The Turkey Trot has so much going for it. It is a great family event for runners, walkers and kids alike. With the long-term committed base of management, volunteers and sponsors Slattery's Turkey Trot is able to continue to put on a flawless event that satisfies all comers. They've got the traditional 5-Mile road race, a set of kids' races and a separately timed 5-Mile walk. With spectators and family members close to 4,000 people show up at Slattery's for the day.

There are heated tents for the participants and all the amenities you'd expect from a race event of this maturity level. There is a moon walk for the kiddies, soft drinks, free hot dogs and popcorn for them as well. The race provides great hospitality for all runners with soup, sandwiches and beer!

Over 30,000 people have participated over the years – this year you can too. Participants at this year's Turkey Trot will feel the tradition of love and warmth and community that this race organization brings to its event.

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