12 Great Gifts for the Runner in Your Life

Find the perfect gift for the runner in your life.

The holidays are coming and maybe the goose is getting fat, but runners sure aren't. Despite chilly temps, some snow and ice on the roads, and early nightfall, they're still out there. What do you get a runner for Christmas or Hanukkah?

Active's Holiday Gift Guide for Runners is  the perfect one stop shop to find the latest and greatest in running gear.

Specialty companies such as Running Expo also sell novelties like running-themed neckties, marathon shorts with special pockets designed to carry gels, cards featuring inspirational phrases for runners, and services for putting running-team logos onto customized buttons or cards.

Other running-related gifts of gold and silver include "26.2" charms, running-themed pendants and money clips.

But often times, the best gift for a runner is something you give of yourself. If you're a non-running spouse or significant other, how about biking at your runner's side on Christmas Day, or setting aside some dates to watch your runner compete in his or her important races.

Other personal ideas include making a psych-up mix featuring your runner's favorite pump-me-up songs or pre-paying for entries into races important to them. There are lots of ideas on the Web and in running magazines.

Or go all-out and put together a gift potpourri based on the "12 Days of Christmas" theme!

On the 12th day of Christmas, my running buddy gave to me:

  • 12 Packs of Energy Gels
  • 11 Massage Sessions (Consult your local sports-massage therapists)
  • 10 Race Entries
  • 9 Inspiring Cards
  • 8 Pairs of Socks
  • 7 Nutritional Supplements
  • 6 Running DVDs
  • 5 Golden Medals (These can't be bought of course, but motivation and support will help)
  • 4 Books on Running
  • 3 Pairs of Running Shoes
  • 2 Hand-Warming Gloves

... and a trip to a far-away marathon.

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