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Lean muscle mass 460
Eat to Build Lean Muscles

Improve your body composition by shedding excess body fat and adding lean muscle, and you'll become a better athlete. This plan requires a mental shif

15 lifelong exercise tips
15 Lifelong Exercise Tips

It's not easy to develop a successful regimen that you will stick with for the rest of your life. However, here are 15 steps you can use to boost your

Running coach quiz article
Quiz: Do You Need a Running Coach?

Take this quiz to find out whether you could benefit from the guidance a running coach can provide; you might be surprised about what you learn.

Ryan hall olympics
Ryan Hall's Olympic Marathon Preparation

We picked America's fastest marathoner, Ryan Hall's, brain to discover what he thinks about when ticking off those lighteningfast 26.2 miles. Read ab

Strength train to improve running economy
Strength Train to Improve Running Economy

Run harder for longer with less effort by incorporating strength training in your weekly routine. Here are the top seven strength exercises for runner


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