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Hiking with your dog 2
Hiking With Your Dog: Rattlesnake 101

Although hiking with your dog is great bonding time, there are some precautions you need to take when hitting the trails. Avoid and handle rattlesnake

Yoga poses for hikers
5 Yoga Poses for Hikers

Strengthen your legs and gain flexibility with these poses that will help boost your hiking performance.

Barefoot hiking
Pros and Cons of Barefoot Hiking

Barefoot running has collected quite the following of late but have you considered going on a barefoot hike anytime soon? Here are some things y

Iphone photography apps
iPhone Photography Apps for Your Adventures

Whether you're solo or with your family, some of the best memories are made on your adventures. Share your journey with these iPhone photography apps.

Spring camping checklist
Your Spring Camping Checklist

Ready to get camping? Grab your spring camping checklist and make sure you're prepared for your first trip.

Desert hiking
Winter Desert Hiking Tips

Winter may be cold eslewhere, but it's perfect for desert hiking. Here are some tips for getting out in American Southwest nature.


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