8 Fat-Burning Kettle Bell Moves

Main Moves

1. Squat and Swing

Targets hips, butt, and thighs
Stand with feet more than hip-width apart and hold handle with both hands, arms down, palms in. Sit back into a squat (A). Then press into heels, straighten legs, and thrust hips explosively upward to swing kettlebell up to shoulder height (B). Keep wrists in line with forearms. (Arms and shoulders should move as levers, rising and falling with momentum, as hips do the work.) As weight swings back between legs, squat. Repeat for 1 minute (about 45 swings). Next do single-arm swings, passing kettlebell from hand to hand at the top of each swing, for 1 minute (about 44 swings).

MAKE IT EASIER: Use a lighter kettlebell (or dumbbell) or no weight at all.

2. Pivot and Point

Targets shoulders and back
Stand with feet hip-width apart, palms together (prayer position) with handle hooked over thumbs, arms extended overhead (A). Turn on heels so entire body faces right side. (Keep head up, shoulders back, abs tight, and back straight.) At the same time, lower arms to shoulder height (base will rest on wrists) (B). Turn back to center, raising arms overhead. Repeat to left side. Alternate sides for 1 minute (about 20 reps).

MAKE IT EASIER: Skip the overhead portion. Hold weight in front of chest and extend arms to point to side as you pivot.

3. Lunge and Loop

Targets arms, abs, butt, and legs
Hold handle in right hand, arms at sides, palms in. Stand with right foot 2 to3 feet in front of left, toes pointing forward, back heel off floor. Bend knees, lowering toward floor, as you pass kettlebell under front leg to left hand (A). Then pass it over leg to right hand as you straighten legs (B). Continue for 30 seconds (about 18 loops), then reverse arm direction for 30 seconds. Switch legs and repeat.

MAKE IT EASIER: Just pass weight back and forth underneath leg each time you lunge instead of looping over the top.
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