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From alligators in sewers to the Mothman on bridges, urban legends abound. These are stories that may be rooted in some truth but often go wildly off track as they are passed around. In the health and fitness world, spot reduction (or targeting a specific part of the body to lose weight) is an urban legend of sorts. Typically your body burns fat across your body simultaneously. However, if you're still thinking: about this belly, though—don't despair because we're going to tell you how to burn belly fat with exercise, supplements, and nutrition.

Why You Should Lose Your Belly Fat

First, I am not here to tell you that you need a washboard stomach to be your best you. Bodies come in all types of shapes and sizes, and I hope that everyone feels happy and comfortable with exactly who they are (I can’t wait for when we don’t have to qualify those kinds of statements).

However, with that being said, excessive belly fat can be physically dangerous. Dr. James de Lemos of UT Southwestern Medical Center wrote that belly fat is especially dangerous because it can surround internal organs, and it puts people at greater risk for health issues such as some kinds of cancer, heart disease, liver problems, diabetes, and sudden death.

Why Are You So Stubborn?

Belly fat is like an unwavering and unwelcome guest. If you’ve ever thought that it seems more stubbornly attached to your abdomen than excessive pounds in other areas, you would be right. This is mainly because of the concentration of beta fat cells around the stomach. These cells, unlike their alpha counterparts, do not respond well to lipolysis (the process of breaking down fat).

However, that does not mean that there aren’t several things that we can do that will help us become and remain victorious over belly fat.

We will break these down into three categories:

  • Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Supplement


There is an old adage that states that you can’t outwork your diet. In short, this means that you can do all the crunches and sit-ups that you want, and if it is not in tandem with a diet high in omega-3 fatty acids, whole grains, and fiber then you’re not going to drop a lot of belly fat.Here are five foods to meal prep that will help you shed some waistline weight.



What can I say? They really do keep the doctor (and tummy fat) away. This is because apples are full-up on fiber (more than 15 percent of your daily value in one medium apple), and not just any fiber. The fiber found in apples is called pectin. Pectin takes a long time to break down in your gut. This allows you to feel full longer.

Leafy Greens

In addition to the overall health benefits because of their high levels of magnesium and potassium of a diet rich in leafy greens, they are rockstars when it comes to dropping water weight. When we eat too much sodium, it is often reflected in bloating. The potassium counteracts the sodium and decreases the midline bloat.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are chock full of antioxidants known as carotenoids. These belly fat-fighting workhorses stabilize blood sugar and lower insulin resistance. On a scientific level, this keeps the calories from converting into belly fat. Additionally, it saves jobs, friendships, and marriages by staving off hanger.


Oatmeal comes in like a fat-wrecking ball. This is because good ol' fashioned oatmeal contains a fairly elusive kind of fiber that helps lower cholesterol and boosts the immune system. It also regulates glucose levels. Additionally, it makes you feel full for longer, and when you are satiated you are less likely to indulge in overeating at your next meal or going hard on unhealthy snacks.

Grass-Fed Red Meat

If you think that you can only eat chicken and seafood when you’re trying to shed belly fat, you’d be wrong. In fact, grass-fed red meats are excellent sources of leucine. Leucine is a potent amino acid that helps us build lean muscle while getting rid of excess fat. It is important to choose grass-fed meat because it can help decrease inflammation and fat storage due to the levels of omega-3.


Although abs may be made in the kitchen that does not mean that a diet of fat-blasting foods won’t be greatly enhanced by exercise. Check out some of the exercises that will help you tighten your belt.

Weight Training

Let’s dispel one rumor about weight training from the start, you won’t get bulky (unless, you really, really try). In fact weight training is one of the best ways to burn belly fat. It’s a simple equation—muscles burn more fat. Therefore, the more muscle mass that you have, the more fat you will burn.

HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training)

You can barely turn around without someone asking you to join a HIIT class with them. Well, we’re here to ask you, what are you waiting on? HIIT incorporates short, intense training segments mixed with lower-intensity movements and built-in rest. This has been proven to help eliminate belly fat while improving your overall fitness because the variety of movements and intensity helps your body stay in a state of fat burning.

Aerobic Exercise

One of the easiest and most effective ways to burn off excess fat is to incorporate no less than 30 minutes of cardio exercises such as walking, running, cycling, rowing, and swimming. These exercises not only help you burn fat, but they are great to help you build aerobic capacity. Furthermore, there are very few valid reasons that you can’t do some form of cardio.

Ab Workouts

When it comes to training, abs are the only muscle group that will benefit from training them every day. There are a variety of ab exercises that you can do that will help you build muscle while you lose fat. Ab workouts need very little equipment and can be done almost anything.


Even when you are eating right and exercising, losing belly fat can still be a frustrating endeavor. Therefore, it's worthwhile to look into fat burning supplements, and natural ingredients to help our hard work along. For more information on the following fat burners, check out our full Best Fat Burning Supplements review.

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This supplement is a natural thermogenic fat burner. It utilizes capsaicin, caffeine, and capsimax to attack your body fat and rev up your metabolism. Additionally, it helps decrease carb cravings and helps you feel fuller for longer periods of time. However, the key reason that PhenQ is an effective fat buster is because of the a-Lacys Reset (a patented synergistic combination of ALA (Alpha Lipoic Acid) and Cysteine) that triggers thermogenesis, a metabolic process where organisms generate heat by burning calories.


BodyDynamix Slimvance Core Slimming Complex Supplements


Although it is a stimulant-free and vegan-friendly supplement, BodyDynamix Slimvance still burns fat and reduces caloric intake, especially in women. This supplement utilizes a patented blend of herbs and BodyDynamix’s ingredient, Slimvance. Slimvance creates a feeling of satiation which in turn helps you decrease overall caloric intake.


Burn-XT Thermogenic Fat Burner


Burn-XT comes in a capsule form that packs a hearty dose of many fat-burning ingredients, including Capsimax, the red chili pepper extract that can help increase metabolism and suppress appetite. This supplement has a clinical study that supports its calorie-burning claims. Getting lean and shredded isn’t easy and it won’t happen just by taking a couple of pills. However, if you have your diet and exercise regimens on point, this fat-burning supplement can help you along.


The Final Word

It is a given that belly fat is particularly stubborn to lose, and excessive weight around your midsection is problematic because it surrounds and impacts your internal organs. Although you can’t specifically target an area of the body such as the stomach, you can absolutely use a number of tools such as diet, exercises, and supplements to speed the process along.

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How to Lose Weight Fast | Workouts to Lose Weight | How to Lose Weight Without Exercise | How to Eat to Lose Weight | How to Burn Belly Fat | Best Weight Loss Apps | Fat-Burning Foods | Best Fat Burners | Best Weight-Loss Supplements