The Best Shaker Bottles for Active Lifestyles

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If you regularly consume protein shakes or pre-workout supplements, chances are you have heard of shaker bottles. These specially designed bottles are made to mix up your drink of choice in a convenient, on-the-go way. Whether you need an extra boost before your next lifting session or crave protein after a long cardio workout, a good shaker bottle will aid in the process of properly fueling your body.

The Active Reviews Team has compiled our 10 favorite shaker bottles that you can buy today. No matter what you're looking for, we've found a good option for you. Now, let's get shaking!

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The 10 Best Shaker Bottles in 2022

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Best Overall - IceShaker Shaker Bottle (26 oz)

IceShaker Shaker Bottle


The 26-ounce shaker bottle from IceShaker checks all the boxes. It has double-wall vacuum insulation and can accommodate both hot and cold drinks, maintaining temperatures for 12 to 30 hours. It has a sweat-proof, powder coated exterior combined with a stainless-steel interior that resists odors, even if you leave it in your gym bag a bit longer than intended, and a tapered slim design that makes it easy to grip without sacrificing volume.

The agitator is removable—it attaches to the lid—so you can use it when you're blending protein or pre-workout powders or ditch it if you're sipping water instead (although it can double as a fruit infuser). While its pop-top lid makes it convenient for a quick swig, it is also one of its only drawbacks because it's not leakproof.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Double insulated
  • Sweatproof
  • Comes in more than two dozen colors


  • Not leakproof

BUY: IceShaker Shaker Bottle (26 oz)

Best Leak-Proof Shaker Bottle - BlenderBottle Radian

BlenderBottle Radian


The BlenderBottle Radian (made of Tritan plastic) is proof that you can't go wrong with a classic shaker bottle with a whisk ball. It has a generous 32-ounce capacity, but the standout feature here is the twist-on cap that gives it a leak-proof seal, so it won't spill during travel or when rustling around in your gym bag or backpack. It makes it a little less convenient since you can't just pop the top off and sip, but the trade-off is worth it.

This shaker bottle also has a wide mouth opening and it's made of durable, BPA-free plastic that can take a beating as it's tossed around. However, because it's plastic, there's a chance that it may absorb odors.


  • Leak proof
  • Durable
  • 32-oz capacity
  • Wide mouth lid


  • May absorb odors

BUY: BlenderBottle Radian

Most Versatile Shaker Bottle – Nike TR 24 oz HyperCharge

Nike TR 24 oz HyperCharge


The Nike HyperCharge is one of the most versatile shaker bottles, thanks to its simple design and clean aesthetic. It has a 24-ounce capacity, a flip top spout, and a removable agitator that's attached to the lid, so you can use it as a traditional shaker bottle or take the mixer out and fill it with water or your other favorite drinks.

Because of the design, it does require more vigorous shaking when using protein powders to get everything adequately mixed, but as long as you bring a little extra elbow grease, you'll be good to go.


  • Glass
  • Easy to clean
  • Agitator is removable


  • Requires more vigorous shaking for powders

BUY: Nike TR HyperCharge

Best Oversized Shaker Bottle - IceShaker Shaker Bottle (36 oz)

IceShaker Shaker Bottle


The 36-ounce IceShaker Shaker Bottle comes with all the same features as the 26-ounce size—double-wall insulation, a removable agitator, and a stainless-steel interior—but with a few more standouts. The obvious difference is the larger size, but it also has two flattened sides combined with a tapered design so it's easier to grip and still fits comfortably in your hand and in most cup holders.

Aside from the more generous capacity, it also has a silicone band wrapped around the shaker's base that adds some stability to the bottle and makes it less likely that it will topple over. If you need a double-dose of protein or you like your shaker bottle to double as your water bottle, this is the pick for you.


  • 36-oz capacity
  • Silicone band on base for stability
  • Removable agitator
  • Flattened edges with a tapered design


  • Pricey

BUY: IceShaker Shaker Bottle (36 oz)

Best Glass Shaker Bottle - Ello Splendid Glass Shaker Bottle

Ello Splendid Glass Shaker Bottle


Glass is an excellent choice for a shaker bottle because it's durable and doesn't absorb odors, so you can alternate between your favorite proteins and powders without sacrificing taste. This glass option from Ello Splendid has a 20-ounce capacity, a leak proof flip top lid, and a silicone sleeve that wraps around the base and sides to protect it from shattering.

It comes with a solid silicone shaker, rather than a whisk ball, which makes mixing easier, but does require more thorough cleaning. The outside of the glass has clearly marked measurements—one side shows ounces and the other shows milliliters—so you can whip up a protein shake right in the glass bottle or keep track of your fluid intake throughout the day.


  • Doesn't absorb odors
  • Silicone sleeve to protect the glass
  • Solid silicone shaker for easier mixing


  • More fragile than plastic
  • Requires more thorough cleaning

BUY: Ello Splendid Glass Shaker Bottle

Best Electric Shaker Bottle - Rechargeable Vortex Mixer

Rechargeable Vortex Mixer


If you want to conserve every ounce of your energy for your workout, the Rechargeable Vortex Mixer is the one for you. With its battery-powered mixing base, this electric shaker bottle is more like a blender on the go. It relies on a vortex motor, mixing the powder into liquid in less than five seconds, with no manual shaking required. Plus, there's a built-in USB port that not only recharges the shaker bottle, it can also juice up your phone or a tablet—talk about multitasking.

The tumbler itself is made from Tritan plastic, a durable BPA-free option that can take a beating, and has a 20-ounce capacity, which is on the smaller side, but the motorized mixer is worth the tradeoff.


  • Has a rechargeable battery
  • Mixes in less than five seconds
  • Can charge your phone


  • Pricey
  • Smaller, 20-oz capacity

BUY: Rechargeable Vortex Mixer

Best Insulated Shaker Bottle - BlenderBottle Radian Shaker Cup Insulated Stainless Steel

BlenderBottle Radian Shaker Cup Insulated Stainless Steel


This stainless-steel version of the BlenderBottle Radian is the choice for anyone who wants to keep their drinks cold for a long time (we're talking up to 24 hours). It's double-wall vacuum insulated and has a twist-on cap that seals the bottle shut, which helps maintain temperature control but also prevents leaks. You don't have to worry about throwing this one in your gym bag.

It has a generous 26-ounce capacity, and like the interior, the mixer ball is also made of stainless steel and makes easy work of mixing various powders. One downside: The cup isn't dishwasher safe, but the lid is.


  • Keeps drinks cold for up to 24 hours
  • Twist-on cap makes it leak proof
  • Generous 26-oz capacity


  • Cup isn't dishwasher safe
  • Can't be used for hot liquids

BUY: BlenderBottle Radian Stainless Steel

Best Shaker Bottle with Storage - SMARTSHAKE Blender Bottle

SMARTSHAKE Blender Bottle


If you want a shaker bottle that doubles as a snack caddy, the SMARTSHAKE Blender Bottle is a solid choice. This set comes with a 20-ounce shaker bottle and two detachable storage compartments that are the ideal size for protein-rich snacks like nuts and seeds or a handful of berries so you can always keep your post-workout fuel handy.

The shaker bottle has a 20-ounce capacity and comes with a mixer net that snaps into the lid and mixes without the rattling that can come with wire whisk balls—a good option if you like to mix your shakes early in the morning before the rest of the house wakes up. It's not leakproof, though, so you'll have to forego tossing it in your gym bag.


  • Comes with snack compartments
  • Mixer attaches to the lid
  • Mixing is virtually silent


  • 20-oz capacity is on the smaller side
  • Not leakproof

BUY: SMARTSHAKE Blender Bottle

Best Budget Shaker Bottle - Mainstays Shaker Bottle

Mainstays Shaker Bottle


The Mainstays Shaker Bottle isn't winning any awards for ingenuity, but its simple, classic design does the trick. And at under $5, it's a total steal. It has a generous 32-ounce capacity and comes with an agitator ball, a strainer, and a screw-on lid with a flip top and a convenient carry handle.

There are measurement markings on the clear plastic that show ounces and milliliters, so you can mix up your shakes without additional measuring cups, and a large mouth opening that can accommodate thicker shakes and smoothies. While the plastic is BPA-free, it's likely to absorb flavors and odors, so you may want to pick one up for each of your go-to drinks.


  • Minimal cost
  • BPA-free
  • Measurement markings
  • Large mouth opening


  • Not very durable
  • Plastic may absorb flavors and odors

BUY: Mainstays Shaker Bottle

Best Value Set – BlenderBottle Classic Loop Top 3-Pack

BlenderBottle Classic Loop Top 3-Pack


If you're the type of person who likes to have a shaker bottle in your car, in your gym bag, and at your desk, this BlenderBottle 3-pack is for you. It comes with three 28-ounce shaker bottles in a standard design: a BPA-free plastic cup with a metal whisk ball and an easy-to-open flip cap that allows for vigorous shaking but isn't totally leakproof.

Each bottle is a different color, so you can use them exclusively for each drink—one for your protein shake, one for your pre-workout, and one for your recovery supplement—or just switch it up based on your mood.


  • Comes with three bottles
  • Flip top that makes it easy to sip
  • BPA-free


  • May absorb odors
  • Not leakproof

BUY: BlenderBottle Classic Loop Top 3-Pack

What to Consider When Buying a Shaker Bottle

A shaker bottle seems like a simple purchase, but the one you choose can either enhance your routine or add frustration to it. Consider these factors before landing on one.

Additional Compartments

Some shaker bottles have additional compartments or come with little storage containers to hold snacks. This may be more of a perk than a necessity, but it's a nice option to have especially if you're trying to prep a protein shake and pack up some post-workout fuel for later in the day.

Whisk Ball

All shaker bottles have some type of agitator, whether that's in the form of a whisk ball or a fixed piece, that helps mix powder and liquids. One type isn't necessarily better than the other, you just have to consider your needs. Whisk balls are noisier, but they're easy to remove and do a good job mixing. The fixed agitators are usually placed in the lid and are silent, but often non-removable.

FAQs About Shaker Bottles

Here are some answers to commonly asked questions about shaker bottles.

What are the best protein powders to put in your shaker?

You can put any protein powder in your shaker, but whey protein is the most water-soluble, which means it will mix the best without a lot of extra help. If you want to use a plant-based protein powder instead, you can still make it work, but it might be a little grainier.

When should you have a protein shake?

There's no definitive answer to when you should have a protein shake. The most common suggestion is drinking your protein shake within 30 minutes of completing a workout to take advantage of the anabolic window, but everyone is different. If you're trying to time your protein shake with your workout, within 90 minutes before or after seems to be a good rule of thumb. Otherwise, you can have a protein shake whenever you need a quick, satiating meal or snack or you're looking to up your protein intake.

What is the ball in a shaker for?

The ball in a shaker bottle is called an agitator. It's there to help mix powder and liquid together. When you shake the bottle, the agitator cuts through ingredients, mixing and blending them to create a smooth, palatable liquid. The more soluble the powder, the better the result will be.