Guide for Outdoors Sports

Girl's Guide to Outdoor Sports

Summer is the best time to try something new. Start here with this guide to some of the best outdoor activities.

Trail Running

Tips for Running Trails

Looking to take your running off road? Check out these 10 tips before hitting the trails.

surfing tips

Catch the Wave

Don't expect surfing to be easy, but it may be the most fun you've ever had. Once you feel the thrill of riding your first wave, you'll keep paddling out for more. Check out these tips before you hit the surf.

mountain biking

Head for the Hills

Tackling gnarly trail corners, ascents and descents can be challenging. National downhill champion Marla Streb and national cross-country champion and former Olympian Alison Dunlap share their advice on doing so with ease.


Bouldering Basics

It may be more down to earth than mountain climbing, but bouldering will give you the same top-of-the-world feeling of accomplishment and a great workout to boot.

sky diving

Jump Start

Want to take a flying leap? Be sure to follow these tips provided by the U.S. Army's Golden Knights elite demonstration and competition parachute team, some of the best skydivers in the world.

road biking

Ask the Experts: Cycling Smart

Learn how to get the right fit, how to take care of your knees and how to sideline saddle sores.

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