Aussies Take Top Spots in Kona

They say the fourth leg of an Ironman is nutrition, and that's exactly what it came down to in the race between Chris "Macca" McCormack and Andreas Raelert for the Men's Ford Ironman World Championship title.

After setting a blistering pace on the bike Macca took a smart and steady approach on the run.

"I walked through aid stations in the energy lab and took in proper nutrition," said Macca--a move he credits with helping him beat Raelert, who slowed down at the final aid station for fluids.

"You just don't stop at that last aid station," Macca said. "Especially not when you're running for the close your eyes, grit your teeth and go for it."

Macca went for it and crossed the finish line in 8:10:37 for first place.

Chris McCormack 

Defending champ, Craig Alexander, was 16 minutes behind coming off the bike but he remained optimistic.

"I thought I had a legitimate shot," said Alexander. "I never think I'm beaten."

Alexander logged the 2nd fastest marathon on the course to pull himself from 15th place to a 4th place finish overall.

"I don't think I lost the race today; I was the fourth fastest guy out there."

On the women's side, Chrissie Wellington's withdrawal put the pressure on second ranked Mirinda Carfrae to show Kona what she was made of. Sitting on the heels of the top swimmers and cyclists for the first two legs of the race, Carfrae set herself up for a record breaking 2:53:32 marathon and a first place overall finish.  

"It's a dream come true," said Carfrae.

With a final time of 8:58:36, Carfrae joins an elite club of only four women to finish in under nine hours.

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