Treblab X3 Pro: Affordable Running Earbuds with Remarkable Battery Life and Fit


Selecting the right pair of running headphones or earbuds is a uniquely personal choice, as each individual prioritizes different qualities such as fit, feel, sound, and overall functionality. In the realm of earbuds, the Treblab X3 Pros stand out, ticking several boxes that are crucial for an enjoyable and productive running or gym experience. With an exceptional battery life, comfort for long runs or all day gym sessions, and well-rounded sound quality, these earbuds offer a compelling package.

Affordability and Pricing:

Given the current landscape of earbud prices, sticker shock is a common concern for many. The Treblab X3 Pros, however, present an affordable solution with a regular price of $99. Moreover, savvy shoppers can often find them on sale through platforms like Amazon and Treblab's website, with discounts bringing the price down to as low as $49.97 (at the time of writing), check price at Amazon.

Setup and Customizable Fit:

Setting up the Treblab X3 Pros is a breeze, with a quick and easy pairing process through Bluetooth. The earbuds automatically enter pairing mode when taken out for the first time so you are not holding down the wrong button to pair, with an added bonus that no third party app is required. The fit is exceptional, offering customization with five different ear tips for optimal comfort. The ear hooks play a pivotal role in distributing weight, making them suitable for prolonged wear during extended activities.

Sound Quality:

While the sound quality may not be groundbreaking, it is well-rounded for the price. The Treblab X3 Pros deliver a clear and bright sound, though the bass may lack for those with a preference for a stronger low end. On windy days, a slight 'wind tunnel' effect may be noticed, but it is not overly disruptive. It's worth noting that these earbuds do not feature noise cancellation.

Battery Life:

One of the standout features of the Treblab X3 Pros is their remarkable battery life, claiming up to 9 hours on a single charge. In testing, they delivered approximately 8 and a half hours, with an additional 15 charges available through a fully charged case. The 2-hour charge time provides a total potential usage of roughly 145 hours, making them a reliable companion for long journeys.


While the case is somewhat bulky, its size becomes a non-issue as users can leave it behind or in the gym back due to the substantial battery life on a single charge. You won’t be putting these in your pocket!


Who Are These For?:

These earbuds are particularly well-suited for runners and those hitting the gym, boasting a level of comfort that makes you forget you're even wearing them. We still can’t get over the battery life and how little you’ll be charging them.

Bonus Items:

While the case is somewhat bulky, its size becomes a non-issue as users can leave it behind or in the gym back due to the substantial battery life on a single charge. A notable bonus is the inclusion of a cleaning kit, a thoughtful addition to maintain the longevity and hygiene of the earbuds.


Comparable to the Beats Power Pros, the Treblab X3 Pros were tested as our primary running headphones over a span of two weeks, proving their durability, reliability, and unmatched battery life. We had zero issues with the X3 Pros ever falling off during our testing.


  • Solid audio quality
  • Battery life
  • Great fit and comfort
  • USB-C charging
  • Affordable price

  • Bulky case
  • No noise cancellation



In summary, the Treblab X3 Pro stands out as an affordable set of wireless earbuds, specifically tailored for runners and gym enthusiasts. While they may not offer the absolute best sound quality, their strengths lie in impressive battery life, a secure fit with ear hooks, and a competitive price point. For those seeking a reliable companion for workouts without the fear of constant adjustments, the Treblab X3 Pro is a noteworthy contender.



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Check Out The Treblab X3 Pros from


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