TCC Adventures: Much More Than a Foot Race

Run into another world with TCC Adventures. Choose from races in Panama, Costa Rica and Bolivia where running is just the start of each adventurous day.  

The Coastal Challenge Expedition Run

An annual stage race in Costa Rica with two alternating routes each year: The Route of Fire and the Rainforest Run.

Route of Firerain-forest-run2

Length of Race: 6 Days
Distance: 225 to 250 km
Location: Costa Rica
Format: Supported stage race

Route of Fire

The Route of Fire winds through the northwestern coast of Costa Rica--the country's driest area--and a corridor of impressive volcanoes on its way to the Pacific Coast. This race is extremely difficult in terms of distance, terrain and the tropical climate. A team category and a shorter Adventure Run are available if you decide you are not up for the full Expedition course. In the evenings visit small pueblos and remote villages, sample traditional Costa Rican dishes, and enjoy a slower pace of life.  

Terrain: Jungle and rainforest trails; rough and winding dirt roads; farm roads; some asphalt; mountain trails; some singletrack across ridgelines, passes and highlands; beaches and rocky outcroppings or reefs; open lands including river/water crossings; and more.

Highlights:  Natural rugged beauty in mountains and rainforests; constantly changing ecosystems; running alongside Arenal volcano and Lake Arenal; amazing views of the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean; crossing the Continental Divide at least three times; total course elevation gain of more than 25,000 feet.

Tagline: Give me silence, water hope; Give me struggle, iron, volcanoes -Neruda

Rainforest Run

The course is set along Costa Rica's tropical Pacific coastline but weaves at times into the Talamancas, a coastal mountain range in the southwest corner of the country. You'll finish near the border of Panama in a serene fishing village that until recently was only accessible by boat.

Terrain: Jungle and rainforest trails; mountain trails and singletrack across ridgelines, highlands and coastal ranges; beaches; rocky outcroppings and reefs; river and estuary crossings.

Highlights: Finishing in Corcovado National Park, a Unesco World Heritage site and one of the premier rainforest experiences in the world. Total course elevation gain of more than 27,000 feet.

Tagline: 6 days, 220 kilometers...1 incredible test of endurance

TCC Panama: Island Run

Kick it island-style with friends and family on this four-day trip that caters to runners and their non-running counterparts. You'll visit six islands and stay overnight at a beach camp following a catamaran sunset tour. Several post-race options allow you to easily extend your trip.

Length of Race: 3 Days
Distance: 18 to 24 km each day.
Location:  Panama, on the archipelago of Bocas del Toro
Format: Stage run

Terrain: Amazing stretches of unspoiled white sand beaches and rolling rainforest trails on unique islands.

Highlights: Experiencing marine life while snorkeling or SCUBA diving; Interacting with locals; traditional dancing and music; being on route with runners from the local indigenous communities.

Tagline: 3 days, 3 races, 6 unique islands. Run hard, run fast and then "go island" 

Inca Run

The Inca Run wraps two races into one: Choose from an expedition style stage race or a non-stop ultrarun at the same event.

Self-Supported Stage Run: Runners, trekkers and expeditioners start with a short warm-up, or prologue, that leads into four stages for a total of 160 kilometers. There will be three mountain camps along the way.

Non-Stop Ultra Run: Teams of two will cover 160 kilometers in a dash to reach the finish line at the mountain village of Sorata. There is one drop box at about the halfway mark for re-supply, but runners will need to carry essential safety items and will have limited race support on the course.

Inca RunLength of Race: 5 Days
Distance: 160 km
Location: Bolivia, in the Andes and the Cordillera Real

Terrain: The Altiplano--sometimes called the "Tibet of the Americas" for its arid, high-altitude, desert-like plateau.

Highlights: Prior to the race start participants have the option to spend a day working alongside locals on a community service project. This is a chance to give back to the host town in a meaningful way. Also, the 8 kilometer prologue on the Island of the Sun will be open to local runners, children and guests wishing to join the competitors.

Tagline: Every runner has their day of reckoning

XX-Y: Surf and Run Challenge

This women-only event is the perfect retreat for multi-sport athletes and adventurers. Start your morning with a 5 to 12K trail race and spend the rest of the day recuperating. Choose from professional surf instruction, yoga classes, white water rafting and more.

Length of Race: 4 Days
Distance: approximately 25 km
Location: Costa Rica
Format: Trail running race meets surf camp and retreat.

Terrain: Rainforest trails, beaches, reefs and estuary crossings.
Highlights: Staying at the Rafiki Lodge on the Rio Savegre and seeing the Savegre River Valley and rainforest. The last day features a fast paced beach run that incorporates paddle boarding to a terrain feature and peninsula known locally as "the whale tail."

Tagline: Never Stop Seeking

The Coastal Experiences

A scaled back version of The Coastal Challenge, shorter distances leave more time to play. Activities include canyoning, waterfall rappelling, and world-class river rafting down the Rio Pacuare.

TCC AdventuresLength of Race: 6 Days
Distance: approximately 40 km
Location: Costa Rica
Format: Stage run. Trail running race meets adventure tour.

Terrain: Rainforest trails, beaches, volcanoes and reefs.

Highlights: Fantastic trails; waterfalls; beautiful beach running; and a coastal trail that weaves in and out of small coves.  

Tagline: Race...Explore...Experience

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