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Music and Running: Find Your Playlist


It’s ever evolving. You carefully choose what goes on it. And if something creeps in that shouldn’t, it totally messes with the rhythm of your run.


Music can make all the difference on a run. But how should you choose? Is it music you just love? Does it need to have a certain kind of beat? Is one genre more appropriate than another? What are songs every person needs on their playlist?


We’ll help you out with all of those questions below.



Running Playlist Articles & Advice

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Blasting tunes is a guaranteed way to enjoy your run, but leaving the earbuds and iPhone behind could actually help you achieve running nirvana.

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The best energy boost can’t be swallowed—its path to your legs begins in your ears. These are our favorite power running songs for July.

How to Perfect Your Cadence with Music

A new playlist can inject some energy into a run, sure. But did you know it can can also help to improve form, speed and reduce injury risk?

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It's OK to be sad, but you don't have to stay there for long. Here are some tips for owning those feelings and running through the blues.


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