The Best Holiday Gifts for Women Who Run

Ready or not, the 2019 holiday season is fast approaching and we can bet there's at least one female runner on your gift list. Whether you're looking to treat someone to a big-ticket item or searching for a little something for the run club gift exchange, we've got you covered. And if you pick up a few goodies for yourself, we won't tell!


For the Runner With Aches and Pains

Compex Fixx Massager, $250

Whether it's a 5K or an ultramarathon, her muscles take a lot of pounding on the pavement when running. Help her reduce muscle tension, soothe aches and pains, help prevent injury and run her best with the Compex Fixx 1.0 massager. Portable and easy to use, this is the secret tool runners will want to take everywhere. 

Fixx is a portable, battery-operated massager that offers three speeds and a three-angle adjustable head that allows her to reach and treat different muscle groups with preferred massage intensity, so she can get back to feeling great—sooner than later. A low-noise motor allows for discreet use which means finding relief whenever the need strikes is easy. Fixx comes in a compact case that also holds the rechargeable battery and its charger, making it convenient to toss in a gym bag, stash in a desk drawer, throw in a suitcase or tuck away near the couch so it's always handy.

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For Your 5 a.m. Running BFF

Tracksmith Inverno Gloves, $32

The Tracksmith Inverno Gloves are the perfect gift for the gal who never misses a morning run, no matter the weather. These super soft gloves are tech-friendly (i.e. they work on smart phone screens) and if she needs to wipe a runny nose, special thumb pads prevent skin irritation.

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For the Runner Putting in Lots of Miles

Oiselle Flyout Wool Long Sleeve, $86

Made of merino wool, the Oiselle Flyout Wool Long Sleeve will resist stink, even if she wears it a few times between washes. But our favorite feature is the watch window on the sleeve—no tugging or fumbling required. 

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Something Fun for a Group Gift Exchange

Hoppy Trails GU 8-pack, $12

For the run crew that always ends at the local pub, the Hoppy Trails GU 8-pack is practical and amusing. If she spends her miles thinking about the icy cold one she'll drink afterward, this unique flavor of energy gel might be just the ticket. Bonus: It comes with a pint glass for her post-run refreshment of choice. 

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For Your Favorite Mother Runner

Sarah Marie Design Studio Muscle Tank, $34

Know a mama who manages to log big miles while also raising little ones? This Sarah Marie Design Studio Muscle Tank is a sweet reminder that she's putting the "Ma" in "Marathoner." 

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For the Runner Who Loves Practical Gifts

Thinx Sports Brief, $32

Thank goodness for technology—when it's that time of the month, your favorite female runner now has another option. Whether she's looking to prevent leaks or just wants a comfy under layer, the Thinx Sports Brief wicks away sweat and can absorb over a tampon's worth of liquid.

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For the Runner With Big 2020 Goals

The Compete Training Journal, $22

Created by elite runner Lauren Fleishman, the Compete Training Journal is a follow up to the beloved Believe Training Journal. This interactive book will help her stay focused during the grit of training, develop a smart race strategy and most importantly, enjoy the process. The journal has space for workout logs and race plans, as well as a calendar and pace charts.

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