Stand up straight to stop painful TMD

Runners who slouch should correct their posture to avoid TMD: temporomandibular disorder, which affects the joint in front of the ear, causing earaches and facial pain. Good posture shoulders back, chin over the shoulders is an important part of relieving the discomfort of TMD when combined with relaxation, rest, heat or cold application and non-prescription pain relievers.

Still another benefit of green tea
A chemical component of green tea has been shown to aid weight loss in rats, and further studies are now under way to apply this substance to human weight-loss programs. Green tea has other health benefits for humans, including a possible role in cancer prevention.

Warm up slowly to avoid chilblains
Coming in from the damp cold and warming up in front of an intense heat source could cause chilblains: painful, itching sores on the face, ears, hands or feet. Chilblains result from re-heating cold skin too quickly. Warm up slowly, allowing circulation to return to your skin before you enjoy the roaring fireplace.

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