Ragnar Relay Las Vegas – Unforgettable Run from the Moapa Valley to Las Vegas, Nevada

Imagine the thrill of running with your team in a magnificent land filled with scenic and historical treasures. Starting at the Clark County Fairgrounds in Logandale, Nevada, and continuing with legs through the Valley of Fire State Park, your team will be part of an incredible 171-mile adventure-fest ending in Las Vegas, a city like no other in the world. Discover an awe-inspiring array of natural beauty just beyond Vegas’s bright lights, a fantastic contrast to the neon glow of the city best known as the “Entertainment Capital of the World.”

Experience the red sandstone escarpments of Red Rock Canyon and the Valley of Fire State Park. The relay will take you miles along the expansive shoreline of Lake Mead, an alluring, shimmering backdrop that is certain to inspire every runner. The race wraps up at the luxurious Red Rock Casino just minutes away from the Strip district in Las Vegas. This ever booming city has plenty of everything– grand hotels, spectacular shows, excellent shops and restaurants, brightly lit casinos, and theme park attractions. This is super charged world is at your fingertips offering the kind of excitement that just doesn’t come along every day! And the contrast of the natural beauty desert with the streets of Las Vegas adds to the thrill and camaraderie of the Ragnar experience.

It will be a 24-hour party through one of the most beautiful and unique environments and backdrops in the world!

Course Highlights
The Clark County Fairgrounds in the Moapa Valley—near the Muddy River which winds its way to Lake Meade—is a terrific starting point for this adventure. And the section through the Valley of Fire State Park (legs 5 to 7) is the perfect location for your own fiery Ragnar Relay experience. You will find it hard not to fall under the spell of this place, a bewitching combination of red sandstone formations, areas of petrified wood, and 3,000-year-old Indian petroglyphs that represent ancient trees, animals, and early man.

Located in Overton, Nevada, the park is 55 miles Northeast of Las Vegas and it is both the largest and oldest state park in Nevada. Overton is a fertile Moapa Valley town, has the kind of scenery that you will marvel at, complete with beautiful farmland, mesas, foothills and Lake Mead.

The party in your van will only get better as you leap frog your way past the blue splendor of Lake Mead, one of the nation’s most popular playgrounds. Its expansive shoreline is backed by cliff and canyon scenery, the utmost in dramatic desert landscape.

A feast for the eyes awaits you at the remarkable Red Rock Canyon, a simply amazing geological masterpiece. Beautifully layered sandstone, unique rock formations, sheer cliff faces of staggering heights, and petrified sand dunes make this scenic loop really special.

You won’t have any trouble finding your way to this finish line! Just look for the flashing red, white and blue Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign that greets visitors to a sea of neon lights and the glitz and glamour that is uniquely Las Vegas. The relay ends at the fabulous Red Rock Casino, the definition of luxury, and enjoyment.

Run, Drive Sleep, Repeat
It is easier than you think! Gather your lucky friends for an exciting running adventure that they won’t want to miss. It will be an unforgettable experience and your friends will thank you. Need a few friends? No problem the Ragnar folks know just how to help you find team members who will quickly become familiar, perhaps even lifelong friends.

One of the best aspects of the relay format is that it is an accessible race for beginners, yet challenging enough for the most competitive. Fear not, you do not have to be an elite runner. Although the relay race is physically demanding, the legs vary in difficulty, and runners can choose the distance that is just right for them.

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