Lunch Break Running

Running on your lunch break is one of the best ways to fit a good workout into your day. So rather than sitting stagnant at your desk, reclaim your break by going for a run!

When the weather gets warm, office workers pour out in droves to enjoy the sunshine. No matter how long your lunch, what better way to break up your desk time than to go for a run?

Many offices are close enough to parks, trails or a local bike path to go for a mid-day run. Even if it's not nice outside, many office buildings have gyms in their basements and/or locker rooms and showers to facilitate an easy transition back into work-appropriate clothing.

So what are you waiting for? Ditch your desk, ignore your iPhone, shrug off your suit and transition into trainers for a midday workout.

The Benefits of Lunchtime Running

  • Running is a great way to unwind and take a brain-break, enabling you to focus better through the afternoon.
  • Getting your body moving  and your blood pumping makes you feel more energized for the rest of the day.
  • You can sleep later in the morning because you don't have to worry about getting your workout in before your work day.
  • Running at lunch frees up your evenings.

How to Run Smart

  • Have a small snack about an hour before you go to avoid low energy levels through your workout.
  • Make it a social event and stay motivated by agreeing to meet a co-worker for a lunchtime run.
  • Have a plan. Lunchtime runs are usually limited time-wise, so know what you're going to do in advance so you'll be sure to fit it all in.
  • Schedule it. Put your workout into your calendar, just like a meeting, to make sure you actually do it. And when it's time, go! Your office will survive without you for an hour.
  • Plan time to cool down and stretch after running. This is especially important if you spend all afternoon sitting at your desk. If possible, get up and walk around the office throughout the afternoon to prevent your legs from stiffening up.

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Use your lunch time running to train for a running event.

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