Her Story: Minel Diaz, Going the Distance

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Minel Diaz
La Jolla, California

Sports: Running, snowboarding

Age: 34
Job: Certified Public Accountant

How I started running: I was never athletic growing up in the Philippines, a country that doesn't really encourage sports. In my mid-20s, after I broke up with my then-boyfriend, I took up running. My friends and family supported me, at least when I was doing two- to three-mile runs. When I started running marathons (lots of them), they thought I was crazy.

Favorite athletic accomplishment: Finishing 18 marathons.
The farthest I've traveled for a race: When I visited my parents, who lived in Rome at the time, I found a race in Padova, Italy, the Maratona San Antonio (Saint Anthony's Marathon). It was a wonderful race--at each of the nine little towns along the route, there was a cheering crowd. I wanted to sprint to the finish, but that was impossible because we were running on cobblestone.

Best advice I got about running: No matter how fast or slow you race, enjoy every bit of it.

Most memorable race: When I set a new PR at the San Diego Rock 'n' Roll Marathon in 2006. After passing mile 25, I looked at my time and saw that I was way ahead of my goal of finishing in 5 hours, and even on time to PR at 4:30. Near the finish, while everyone else was doing the slow marathon shuffle, I was sprinting, yelling and screaming to everyone, "I'm going to PR!" As I crossed the finish line, I cried tears of joy.
How snowboarding helps my running: Snowboarding makes my legs stronger.

The scariest thing I've ever done: The first time I did a swimming workout in the ocean, I saw sharks below me. They were harmless leopard sharks, but it scared me. Since then, I close my eyes when I swim in the ocean, only opening them when I need to check where I am.

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