Get Your Running Gear Ready for Spring

Part 4: Become the Runner You Want to Be in 2013: April

"I keep my nonclothing stuff in a couple bins. One for fuel (gels, chews, water belts); one for winter wear (arm sleeves, beanies, gloves); and one for miscellaneous stuff (pace cards, ibuprofen, ChapStick)."

—Katie Pace, Colorado Springs

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"I have four baskets on a shelf in my bathroom. One basket holds bottoms (shorts, running skirts, and capris). One basket holds tops (short sleeves and tanks). One basket holds socks and headbands and hats. The final basket holds sports bras and underwear. I also have a drawer in my closet that holds all my running gear: fuel belt, headphones, sunglasses, hydration tablets, and so on. I got so tired of never finding what I needed when I wanted to go for a run. Now I come home from a run, throw my stuff back in the drawer, and it's ready for the next time."

—Melodie Monberg, Colorado Springs

"The best thing I got was a hanging sweater holder. I have all my bras and tanks on top, running shirts in the second and third shelves, capris second to the bottom, and pants at the bottom. My rule is if it doesn't fit, I don't need it. I keep all the opposite-season stuff in a drawer I usually don't use. Every six months I switch it all out and if anything looks bad, it's gone."

—Tryna Hermanson, Sherwood, Oregon

"I leave for long runs at utterly ridiculous hours, so I keep a basket in the pantry with my hat, water bottle, hydration belt, gels, arm reflector straps, and a disposable poncho I can grab in case of rain. That way, I don't need to turn on every light and fumble through cabinets and wake the entire house."

—Alisa Bonsignore Pleasanton, California

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