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Crank Length: Does Size Matter?

A study recently explored whether crank length has an impact on power output. The results may surprise you.

Top 5 Books for Parents of Young Athletes

Being a sports parent can be tougher than it looks. Here are five books that offer support, guidance and advice to parents involved in youth sports...

Strength Train to Improve Running Economy

Run harder for longer with less effort by incorporating strength training in your weekly routine. Here are the top seven strength exercises for run...

5 Tips for Female Triathletes

Approaching your triathlon experience from a woman's point of view can be much more rewarding than simply falling in line with the boys. Follow the...

The History of Women's Running

In the past 50 years, women have stepped out from the sidelines and on to the track. Here's a look at five decades of making history while kicking ...


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