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Freestyle 460
3 Common Misconceptions in Freestyle

Triathletes have many challenges; dealing with misinformation should not be one of them. Here are three misunderstood elements of freestyle that you s

Swim technique 460
4 Ways to Improve Your Swim Technique

Your house isn't the only thing that should get an overhaul in spring. It's also a great time to refine your swim technique, too. Check these items of

Swimming tips for newbies 460
7 Tips for Swimming Newbies

Swimming can help you recover from an injury or smply add a little variety to your typical traiing regimen. Learn seven swimming tips to help you get

Triathletes in wetsuits 460
3 New Rules of Swim Training

Swim training is slowly evolving. Try these three new rules to prepare for your triathlon race season.


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