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Marathon swimming
25 Signs You're a Marathon Swimmer

With their own jargon and training practices, it's like marathon swimmers have their own secret club. If you agree with any of these 25 descriptors, y

Underwater swimmer
3 Workouts to Improve Your Swim

The winter months are an ideal time for triathletes to improve swim technique. These workouts will help you focus on form, balance and feel for the wa

Ironman swim start
How to Excel at the Ironman Swim

With 2500 bodies churning the water around you, there is a lot of chaos during the Ironman swim. Here are four tips to help you survive, and even exce

Swim pace
Why Swim Pace Is Important

Triathletes often have one speed in the pool: fast. But pacing is just as important in the water as it is on the land.


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