How an Active New Parent Survives

On December 1, I signed up for and participated in a local biathlon. It was a spur of the moment decision based on the idea that once my child was born I wouldn't have much time for races anymore.

I figured with the due date 10 days away, this was my last chance. I even said as much to the nice lady who took my money that morning. "Better get one last race in now before the baby comes. Should be here soon."

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Soon was an understatement. I came home from the race to a wife moving quickly into active labor. Six and a half hours later my son was born. Comparatively, she was in labor for less time than it took me to do a half Ironman. I still had my race number inked on my arm the first time I held him.

Working out is all about routine. Making exercise routine is the biggest key to getting fit. Once working out becomes habit it becomes easier. Unfortunately, it's also one of the easiest habits to break.

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Babies shatter routines. After eating and pooping, it's the thing they do best.

I barely thought about working out for the week after he was born. I was too busy marveling at how tiny his feet are and coo-ing at his little noises and using words like "fussy" for the first time in my life.

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Babies change priorities. Suddenly that run isn't as important as a little more time walking around the apartment holding a tiny human you made. He messed up my routine pretty good. I am OK with that. More than OK. However, it meant I had to figure out a way back in.

Getting Back Into a Routine

By the second week, I started to feel the lack of sweat. My mental health is closely tied to my activity levels. The less I work out the harder I am to live with. My wonderful wife said she was OK with me getting out of the house for 30 or 45 minutes at a time to get a run or swim in.

I still haven't ridden the bike yet. A friend just asked me if I wanted to go for a ride and my response was, "Can't. Need to visit Santa today." His text back: "Dad." He knows, he's been there. Riding is a bigger time requirement and my trainer is just too noisy to use right now.

There have also been around the house exercises. Planks, squats, pistols, baby on the chest sit-ups all make me feel like I'm not being a bump on the couch. And don't forget the car seat. Oh, the bucket car seat. What a pain in the biceps you are. How glad am I that my wife uses a Moby Wrap baby carrier? Glad enough to give it a free name-check here. That thing is awesome.

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