5 Reasons to Boost Your Triathlon Training During the Week

Pain and suffering comes in many forms for triathletes. Much of that pain comes during training (hopefully you pay your dues in training and not at the race.) And weekends can be the peak of discomfort, leaving you hurting come Monday morning.

But i t doesn't have to be that way.

Sometimes it's hard to switch up your routine of short training sessions during the week and long sessions on the weekend. But, it's worth challenging yourself to see if you can organize your training in a different and energizing way.

Here are the top five reasons why going long during the week with your triathlon training can be better for you mentally and physically.

No.1: More Free Time

You get your weekends back! I remember I'd head out at 6 a.m. for a two to three-hour excursion and come back to find the day had half passed and I was in catch-up mode the rest of the day. This will help you make more of your weekends.

No.2: Recovery While You Sit

You can function on the weekend. Who can mow the lawn, wash cars, change diapers, wash dishes after riding 50 miles or running 13? I know I was pretty shot after long training days. What better way to recover than sitting at the cubicle farm at work?

No.3: Better Focus

You can do this! Getting up early enough to get a three- hour ride in is doable, AND you can still function the day at work. Just go to bed early the night before. Don't channel surf, don't surf the internet (reading EMT of course). Go To Bed.

No.4: You're the Best

Have you ever looked at the other working stiffs around you complaining that morning came too early? What a rush to know you got more done than most people will all week before you punched the clock?

No.5: Take This Job and....Recover

Having a tough time at work? Put some emotional cash in your savings account knowing that you just did that before you came to work. Nothing works better to get you through a tough day at work than the accomplishment you achieved before 7 a.m. It worked for me and it can work for you.

Kansas City Endurance Sports Examiner Ryan Falkenrath is a married father of one (soon to be two), owner of three dogs and trying to balance life, work and multi-sport training.

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