Endurance 4-Flask Belt From FuelbeltNo bounce, no play

Initially I was worried that the belt would ride up off of my hips when my body was contorted to accommodate the terrain, but this didn't happen. When ascending a very steep grade, the two front flasks did push slightly into my midsection and onto the top of my quadriceps, but this wasn't enough to move things around.

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Wow, I'm thirsty, where's my flask?
This belt model has the flasks positioned so that there's no chance of smacking your sweaty hands on them if your arms drift low to your sides. This is particularly helpful when ascending as your legs bend and your center of mass shifts slightly lower to the ground.

I found the holding cords for the flasks a neat feature, but not really necessary—even if I was jumping off of a three-foot tree stump. The flask-holders on the belt itself do a great job of keeping things in place, so I just left them unhooked for easier access with one hand.

Tough as nails
This belt took some serious abuse. I made a point to "aggressively" jam the flasks into their holders, and there's no sign of fatigue in the stitching or degradation in the strength of the hold. The belt itself is no worse for the wear, and mysteriously does not stink like some other equipment I have that's been sweated into. Hmm, maybe I just can't tell anymore?

I thought I brought something to eat!
The rear pocket seems to be just the right size for a 2- to 2.5-hour run. I was able to comfortably fit an energy bar, a coin pouch to hold salt tablets and my keys. At one point I jammed two energy bars, one gel, salt and keys—which caused my gel to burst! (Very messy. My keys will never be the same.) The pouch is made of neoprene with two sections separated by Velcro, so even if you only put your keys inside, you won't be jingling your way down the trail.

I'll report back after the next 300 miles ...
Whether you are the casual athlete or a serious competitor, you have every right to be picky, and demand ideal performance from your running gear. Of course there will always be tradeoffs in the details you like, but the Endurance 4-Flask Belt will not disappoint you for that two-hour trail run in the boonies. It has a snug fit, ample liquid storage, stable weight distribution, and trusty pocket for your Gameboy (well, maybe not).

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