The Diet Detective: Calorie Bargains for Your Mind and Body

Photo Provided by Pura Vida Adventures

Here are a few of my latest Calorie Bargain findings:
Calorie Bargain #1: Pura Vida Adventures--Costa Rica Surf and Yoga Retreats for Women
The Why: I asked a very close friend and Diet Detective adjunct to report back to me about her fabulous vacation at a surf and yoga camp--here's what she had to say:

"It was the perfect vacation. I relaxed and went home feeling healthier, stronger and more confident in both my body and my outlook on life."
"The surf break in front of the Tropico Latino resort, where the surf camp is located, is a perfect place to learn. The water is warm and the break is gradual, so you can walk out very far and still stand. The instructors are phenomenal--informative, hands-on and very supportive. Also, surfing and yoga really go hand in hand. Like yoga, surfing is all about core strength, mental focus and positive thinking."
"The best part is that Pura Vida Adventures is about giving women the opportunity to either learn or improve their surfing skills in a fun, non-competitive environment."
The Health Bonus: "The relaxation you'll enjoy after a vigorous morning surfing session is beyond comparison. And the beautiful indoor/outdoor beachside spa with excellent practitioners takes it to another level."
What We Liked Best: "Learning to do something new and challenging with my body and having fun with new friends along the way!"
What We Liked Least: "Having to say goodbye at the end."
What It Replaces: A vacation of sitting around bored, eating, gaining weight, and not having fun.
The Price: Fall 2009 through Spring 2010 Rates: Shared Accommodation--$2,295; Private Accommodation with shared bath--$2,395; Private Accommodation with private bath--$2,895 for seven days and six nights.
Other Offerings: Great spa treatments.
Where to Buy:
Nutritional Information: Yoga burns 176 calories per hour, and surfing burns 211 calories per hour, but both provide a great full mind and body workout you don't get from many other activities.
Ingredients: Each seven-day/six-night adventure includes accommodations, daily surf instruction, all equipment, daily yoga, three healthy meals and more.

Calorie Bargain #2: Fruit2day Strawberry Orange Smoothie

The Why: My 6-year-old daughter loved it, and she's pretty picky. Plus, various other Diet Detective taste-testers really enjoyed it. This product combines "real fruit bits" and rich puree as well as some natural juice and, as a result, delivers a tasty and healthy snack.
The Health Bonus: As a nation, we don't eat enough fruit--that's for sure. This product won't change that, but by having it as a snack instead of empty calories, your kids (and you) will get some of the tremendous nutrients and antioxidants that fruit offers.
What We Liked Best: The fact that there is no added sugar.
What We Liked Least: Well, it's still a high-calorie drink, but I do like that the company positions it as a sort of snack, not a drink. Good thing, because that's really what it is--a healthy snack.

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