Keep Laughing to Reduce Your Health Risk

Laughter Yoga is a new form of complementary medicine that is rapidly spreading throughout North America and the world.

It involves no medication and requires very little physical abilities. It is so powerful against illness that acclaimed doctor and physician Dr Andrew Weil recently told a Senate committee, during a hearing about health-care reform, that it could help lower American health-care costs.

A Worldwide Social Phenomenon

Laughter Yoga is a simple form of exercise that all can practice. It combines simulated laughter exercises with gentle yoga-based breathing movements. There are currently over 400 laughter clubs in the USA that practice this method and thousands more throughout the world. The majority are free and public.

An Indian family physician Dr. Madan Kataria discovered 15 years ago that anybody could laugh heartily for extended periods of time without using jokes or comedy, anytime, anywhere. He dispelled forever the myths that one must be happy or have a sense of humor to laugh. This one-man idea started a bush fire in the hearts and minds of many around the world and directly inspired the creation of thousands of laughter clubs on all continents.

Many reasons can explain the Laughter Yoga social phenomenon. Just consider this one: laughing as a form of exercise is easy and really good for you. Anybody can do it. All you have to do is fake it.

Laughing is free, part of everybody's own toolkit and carries with it the potential for tremendous physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual benefits.

Scientific research over the past 20 years suggests that laughter has both powerful preventive and therapeutic values. It helps us keep healthy by enriching the blood with ample supplies of oxygen, the lifeline of our system. It helps to remove the negative effects of stress, acts as a pain killer and boosts the immune system.

Native and traditional healers have long believed that without an uplifted spirit there is not enough energy or vital force for a person to completely experience healing. They all claim that laughter can take you halfway home to healing.

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