How to Reduce Cellulite

Dimples are adorable but when they are anywhere but your cheeks, they are just frustrating. Cellulite is a condition that 90 percent of women throughout the world deal with. No matter the body type, women are bound to get cellulite. Unfortunately, it is a culprit that worsens with age and there is really no way to completely remove it. However, there are many ways to reduce it. Use the following tips to minimize cellulite to a point where it is almost invisible.

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Maintain a Healthy Diet

Your diet must consist of mainly healthy foods. A diet full of junk and processed food will bump you right up to the front of cottage cheese row. Avoid trans-fat, saturated fatty foods and salty foods whenever possible. Try to reduce your caloric intake, keeping it reasonable for your lifestyle. Soda and alcohol are also nasty accomplishes when it comes to cellulite. Overcome the temptation by reminding yourself of your goals.

Stay Hydrated

It is very important to drink plenty of water. Eight to 10 glasses of water a day will help you to stay hydrated and appear less bloated. Plus, drinking water helps to flush toxins (a.k.a. cellulite.)

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Nix Alcohol and Cigs

Not that these two things are ever beneficial to you or your body, but they are especially bad when trying to kick cellulite's butt. The free radicals in smoke damage your vein and capillary walls, which causes cellulite. Booze dehydrates you immensely, which completely undoes everything mentioned in bullet point number two. All around, smoking and alcohol are big NO NO's!

Try a Fitness Plan

By staying fit and losing weight, you will lose fat cells, which are the monster behind the face of cellulite. A minimum of 30 minutes a day of activity will steer you on the right path. Working out will help tone the skin and build muscle, which improves blood flow and reduces pesky fluid retention. Try doing single leg squats or squat jumps.

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Skin Treatment

Try this; before you shower, brush the cellulite area which helps to remove dead skin cells and stimulate lymph and blood flow. Once you are in the shower, rinse the area with cool water to tone skin. This process increases skin cell growth. Also, certain spas offer treatments that can help treat cellulite and speed the process.

Use Creams

There are many retinal-based creams and caffeinated creams that help reduce cellulite. Most creams are offered at any drug store. Massaging the area also helps, but only temporally, because you distribute fat cells and smooth them out.

Feel confident and sexy when you wear shorts or a swimsuit by using these helpful tips.

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