Flexible Healing: Yoga for Aches and Pains

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Eagle arms stabilizes shoulders and releases tension in arms and wrists. Stand with arms crossed in front of your chest and the elbow on your injured side underneath. Slide your lower hand up and around until your palms face each other and the lower fingers reach your top palm. Point your thumbs toward your nose and press your shoulder blades down, keeping wrists and hands as straight as possible.

Torn Knee Ligament or Cartilage
Prep for seated twist provides pain-free range of motion and releases tension in hips. Stand tall and hug sore knee to chest. Place the hand of the sore side on your shin and the opposite hand on your knee. Flex foot to align knee with foot and ankle. Tip hips up to keep back straight. Repeat on both sides.

Sprained Ankle
Modified awkward chair strengthens and increases range of motion in supporting muscles. Standing with ankles touching, bend knees as deeply as the stiff ankle allows. Hold a doorknob for balance. Lean back slightly and rise onto the balls of your feet. Squeeze knees together and sit your butt toward your heels. Stand up and repeat five times.

Lower Back Strain
Triangle forward bend releases low back pressure and loosens pelvis, thighs, and hamstrings. With hands on hips, place one foot on the mat with toes forward. Keep back leg a few feet behind, toes turned out 45 degrees. Turn hips forward, take a deep breath, folding forward as you exhale. Keep your back straight, inhale, and rise. Repeat five times and switch sides.

Torn Rotator Cuff
Extended side angle pose stabilizes the shoulder and realigns muscles around the rotator cuff. Step 4 feet forward on uninjured side; turn back foot out 90 degrees. Bend front leg, aligning knee with heel. Stretch forward and place healthy-side elbow on bent thigh, rotating chest skyward. Draw shoulder blades together, extending injured arm straight up, palm facing forward.

Photos by Michael E

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