4 Strength Training Yoga Moves

Merging simple yoga poses with strength-training exercises challenges the core, hip, and thigh muscles in ways that running doesn't and helps minimize muscle imbalances that may lead to injury.

These movements are synced to your breath (inhale or exhale), which keeps you focused and fosters body awareness. Do this routine two or three times a week on your rest, cross-training, or easy days. Start with lighter weights than you'd choose for traditional strength-training.

As you improve, increase reps and add sets before trying a heavier weight. (These 10 Laws of Injury Prevention will keep you healthy when you're not working out.)

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Hose With Lateral Raise

Opens your hips; strengthens your legs, arms, and shoulders

To do: Stand with your feet wide apart, legs turned out 45 degrees, weights in both hands. Exhale while bending knees (don't lean forward) and raising arms to the side and overhead. Inhale while lowering weights and straightening legs. Do 10 reps.

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Half Chair to Chair

Builds strength in your thighs, core, triceps, and shoulders

To do: Stand with your feet together. Inhale while lowering your hips and raising your arms overhead. On the exhale, lean forward and lower your arms. Inhale again and extend your arms past your hips. Exhale again and squat deeper. Return to start; do 10.

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