4 At-Home Facial Treatments

Just like your body, your skin needs regular maintenance to stay healthy. Gravity, environmental toxins and ultraviolet light cause damage, especially to your face. Even though professional facials are relaxing and effective, they can be costly.

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Buff up cellular renewal and keep your face fresh with these at-home treatments.


The foundation of a healthy complexion is clean skin. Wash your face twice a day, especially after workouts. Apply warm water and a gentle cleanser with your hands—abrasive washcloths can irritate your skin. Always rinse well and pat your skin dry with a soft towel.

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"Your skin can't be hydrated, or moisturized, if you have a layer of dead cells," says Lisabeth Fletcher, owner of Paradise Beauty Salon & Spa in Kauai, Hawaii. Fletcher recommends exfoliates that are left on the skin. "They're like little Pac men that eat the dead skin, and they are great for anti-aging."


Moisturizers enable your skin to stay moist and supple. They also provide a protective barrier that blocks water from evaporating during exercise or exposure to the elements. Apply a moisturizer after washing your face. Drinking water also helps keep your skin hydrated.

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"Being in the sun causes pigmentation, and age spots," Fletcher says. "You can spend hundreds of dollars to lighten it, but if you don't wear SPF, there's no point." Wear big-brimmed hats and sunscreen when you're at the beach or outdoors, and a minimum SPF 15 everyday. Look for foundations with SPF built into them.

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Keep your skin fit and healthy with these at-home treatments. You'll save money and have a glowing complexion.

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