The Diet Detective: Common Excuses We Say and How to Stay Healthy

Famous Last Words: "I'm on vacation; we all need to take a break from life."

The Fix: When you're on vacation and you don't eat right or exercise you're bound to have a worse time. Eating poorly and lack of exercise create poor sleeping habits, increase gastrointestinal issues, and lead to overall malaise.

Get out there and walk every morning; do some bike riding (if you're in a warm climate); basically, move more. Also, try eating healthy meals with just a few carefully chosen indulgences.

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Famous Last Words: "I'll do it tomorrow ..."

The Fix: Start right now. Do not put this off. You don't need to overhaul your entire life. Just put down the doughnut and go for a walk. Seriously, I'm not saying that it's easy, but at the very least, you can begin immediately. Saying, "I'll start my diet tomorrow" shows that you have the wrong attitude. Your diet-and-fitness program needs to be something you can live with forever, not something you put off because it doesn't happen to be convenient.

Famous Last Words: "I travel all the time."

The Fix: OK, so you need a few tips—that's all. If you travel often, you need to weave healthy eating and physical activity into your lifestyle. First of all, try the following:

  • Find healthy restaurants. Try calling the concierge or hotel manager at a few local hotels (even if you're not staying there) to get recommendations.
  • Get moving. Ask if there are nearby hiking or walking trails, local fitness facilities or other interesting activities that require you to move.
  • Hire a personal trainer or take a lesson when on the road. Once you make an appointment, there is a high likelihood that you'll show up (especially if you're committed to pay).

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